Johnny Silvercloud, The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind


The consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker.

Hi there. I’m Johnny Silvercloud. Come on in, this is my place.

Seriously I’m a street photographer with a fierce sense of justice, and well, common sense.  I decided to make a place for logical black folks who have similar passions.  Forgive me in advance for my unrelenting critical thinking and my lack of patience for the willfully ignorant.

Twitter: @JohnnySilverclo

Rae Rivera

An extremely logical and passionate, revolutionary minded, maternally obsessed parental. Never able to stay silent or sane while inequalities and discrepancies are in my presence. Until people’s actions meet the same standards as their minds, I will never stay silent. I believe in research, common sense, children are the future and main priority, and politics are pathological con men and women.

Sable Manaba

First name, Sable. Last name, Manaba meaning “War returned with her coming” in Navajo. Entrepreneur, activist, fearless defender of truth, seeker of wisdom & knowledge, and daughter of the universe. My seed yields the cream of the crop. My mind is the sower of my seed.

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