In current events around the time of this article publishing, President Donald J. Trump toyed around with the notion of granting a “pardon” for Muhammad Ali.

Muhammad Ali is deceased.  Even further, he doesn’t need a pardon, posthumously or not.

Our Black Civil Rights Heroes who have passed don’t need pardon; our modern day Civil Rights Heroes do.

It is a thing that white people do in America; actively denounce historical persecutions of dead Black people who fought against systemic racism while at the same time endorsing the silencing, suppression, and persecution of black people modern day.  I have no choice but to break word on this matter.

White people denouncing the historical persecutions of Black people while flat out, balls deep endorsing such modern day is categorically perverse.

A while back ago I pointed out Six Freedoms Black folks don’t have in America, with one being Freedom of Memory.  While I explored the concept of Black folk not being able to embrace historical access, this is an issue white people have as well.  White people of America are totally incapable of remembering their own history (which is, our shared history).  White people are not allowed — by their own devices — to access and understand their own history in a healthy manner.  The difference between white people and black people not understanding historical context is that white people’s ignorance perpetuates the issue of systemic racism in America.

Perhaps I’m giving them too much credit.

Smile Black Lives Matter
Black Lives Matter

Maybe, the white community of America knows precisely what they are doing, and intentionally play obtuse when it comes to understanding exacting parallels between the behaviors of whites “back then” and the behavior of whites now.

When it comes to informing white people that their antagonistic behaviors and attitudes for Colin Kaepernick, Black Lives Matter or any protesting black people today — are no different than the white antagonizing attitudes towards Muhammad Ali, Martin Luther King or Malcolm X back in the day — the pushback it telling.  The pushback from white people is not indicative of merely informing the ignorant, it’s indicative of a break from a particular protocol.

It’s a break from a sociological agreement between whites and black that I never made.  The anger and wrath of the white male or female is indicative of a system in place.  A system that I routinely break.

The white collective is mired in paradox.  And irony.  The irony is thick enough to pass for methane gas.

I don’t know if folks know it or not, but this thing that white people do, is disgusting.  White people who condemn historical racism where there’s clearly no stakes involved but endorse silencing those who speak against racism modern day is beyond obnoxiousIt’s a grotesque level of grand-scale, macro, sociological dishonesty.  Being that this is the default state of white people when it comes to America, one cannot assume the position that it’s a few whites that practice this flawed logic.  The smoking majority of white people in America can only be described as vulgar, disgusting people in regards to racism and systemic oppression.  Anyone who parades this flawed logic of condemning racism only when it’s in the past while at the same time endorsing, supporting and defending racism today, can only be received as ignoble lowborns.

I know these are harsh words, but I really can’t see past the biting irony.  And the “biting” of such irony can come literally, as dogs were sicced on black protesters back then, and now.  This game they play, function as a giant lie because it’s framed in deception.  And I personally, hate liars.

But what do you do when a mass collective of people lie?  what do you do when a mass of people — the racial majority of a nation — lie to you?  On the regular?  This bold, white-faced lie manifests in more than one way as well.  The whiteness supremacist lie of modern day Republicans being “the Party of Lincoln” while not even trying to hide their Confederate dickriding, is similar if not related to this blatant lie at black folk.  American conservatives parroting the notion of “leaving plantations” while actively defending Americanized Nazis is on the same coin.

White people always will support, endorse, and defend racism until they assassinate a few of us (actually a lot of us) and then realize that they are on the world stage, and the whole planet is watching.

That Magneto Complex... it’s hard to hold back these days.

If you’re white and you’re reading this, you should take a hard look at yourself and your families.  Do the right thing.  For once.

Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


  1. White Americans, as the dominant class, do that with all aspects of privilege. There was racism in the 50s but that was then, this is now. There was sexism and rape but that was them this is now. America stomped over Latin America and the Middle East but that was then, this is now. Government spied and subverted on so-called communists, but that was then this is now.


  2. That article was a much needed truth bomb for society and THANK YOU! You raised a good point about how memories can work in regards to race and history. I remember watching Hate Crimes In the Heartland which is a documentary about Black Wall Street and I was just enraged that no one taught me this in school for example. Same when I recently found out about The Devil’s Punchbowl in Natchez, MS. I guess those examples prove your point with how there’s selective amnesia when it comes to White America and how history is framed. There’s so many lies an subterfuge. You’re also right about people freaking out if something is called racist. One friend had a conniption fit when I mentioned some racist implications in a certain animated movie and claimed I just had “racist colored glasses” by pointing it out (never mind that I’ve been discriminated because of my skin color, but whatever…). Society just needs to smarten up.

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  3. Once again you have issued an excellent and thought provoking statement. I have been asking myself this same question for the last couple of years.

    It appears now that America has a very dark core that too many of us have ignored for far too long. Evidently we are now embracing our racist heritage. On the past, until the last election, I had usually felt that we were generally pushing in the right direction. But I no longer feel that way.

    When we are “upset” because black leaders are peacefully protesting their postion, but we don’t ask why we are upset, we have serious problems. We allow the children of illegal “brown immigrants” to be literally caged; but where is the outrage?

    I am personally very thankful that we have people like you to call out our BS and point out our garbage treatment of our non-white people. I fear that we are sunk, and I am losing hope. Our lack of universal health care, our education only for the privileged, our gun crazy, these are all rooted in our racism. We cannot possibly help black or brown folks to rise as they may end up in power. Oh no!

    Keep writing and keep saying what needs to be said. You and your colleagues may be our only hope to rise up and be a better America.

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  4. Yes, white folk KNOW EXACTLY what they are doing. I’ve listened to them up close my whole [biracial] life. They pretend [LIE] that they “don’t know what to do” to change OUR perspective of their [alleged lack of] racism. Not how THEY can change THEIR behavior…because they have done nothing wrong. Here’s the answer: Treat black folk like HUMAN BEINGS, the same way white folk want to be treated. They will spit Bible verses about LOVE & forgiveness, but they blatantly refuse to LIVE IT, EVERY SINGLE DAY. We all know satan is a liar & the father of lies, so if the shoe fits wear it til the sole [soul] falls off, right? I’m done “explaining” to them. They play dumb, & then it manifests in their ignorant ass comments about “race cards” [they ALL “mysteriously” (satan) know that term] & their mediocre lives that they are trying to escape. Welcome to “discomfort”, white folk. You can stay there, we out though!

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