I’m gonna say this. I’ve held it for a while.

There’s a remnant of Black people, women specifically, who are aligned to every new hashtag – “timesup”, “notthistime”; “metoo”, which was co-opted by white women from its Black creator Tarana Burke – and any other cause that upholds Black erasure.

These same Black women say with applause in tweets and Instagram posts – “Oh, look! These children are going to lead us”, referring to the much televised white youth survivors of Parkland.

Ironic and selective blindness! We are Black survivors of US Government-sanctioned violence, waged against us by letter of law, to withhold education itself from Blacks – education just barely supported to this day.

These same Black women, and some Black men, are nearly silent on State-sanctioned murder of Blacks. These people have little or nothing to say about Stephon Clark’s recent shooting death by kops, nor the stream of hashtags that flow with our blood.

Now, these Black women might pipe up when kops murder Black women, because, you already know – “notonemore”. This behavior by some Blacks was accomplished through very successful white messaging claiming gender as the common dominant issue, above race.

These Black women seem to draw neither parallels nor lessons from Black history in this country – Black youth sit-ins against discrimination at a North Carolina Woolworth’s, Black youth with signs marching for the right to equal education. And the kops, the dogs, the water….

Blacks in AmeriKKKa have always been first to protest, first to die, first to survive, and consistently set aside as an unattractive cause.

So, it turns my stomach to see Black women throwing themselves into white causes, especially with a long, well-documented history of whites having never thrown themselves into ours, in such numbers and rabid support.

#meetoo      #timesup      #notthistime      #raceequality      #notonemore

#blackwomen      #stephonclark      #murderbycops      #policebrutality

#genderequality      #handsupdontshoot      #excessiveuseofforce

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