I don’t know about you but I when I wake up I try to remember what day it is as I reach for my phone and log on to some social media platform, be it Facebook or Twitter. You see a story that makes you do some research. As you’re looking for more information you happen upon something that peeks your curiosity. Now usually when this happens to me it’s because something is really offensive. That happened to me this week.

Monday, April 9, 2018

There was a story on Facebook about a white man in Australia that was running a Black Lives Matter page and had made over $700K from it.  I decided to look this page up before it was taken down but I was too late but as I’m scrolling through the search results another page snatches my attention:


Black Lives Splatter (5)

This can’t be a real page right? I mean Mark Zuckerberg is going in front of congress testifying about Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg said black lives matter and that he cares about racism running rampant on the platform he created. So here’s my question, why is it if black lives matter and him caring about racism just seems like something he says but doesn’t practice?

Anyway, back to Black Lives Splatter.

I, in my indignation decide that I’m going to report this page. I’m also going to let others know that there’s some racist shit going on, on these innanet streets and we must do something to squash it. I post a status with a link to the page and I’m angry, hella angry.


At least a dozen people I know PERSONALLY post the link to this page, another dozen who I’ve “met” through Facebook join me. They post status’s asking their friends to report this dastardly page. Two days later we all get the same message.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Black Lives Splatter (3)

How can this not violate your terms of service? They made a page to highlight “black on black” crime and to scapegoat the Black Lives Matter movement. When I got this message I was hurt.

Why is it that non-black people and some brown people are able to talk shit about us so freely and with such reckless abandon? Throughout the day I was notified that numerous people received the same empty “Thanks for your feedback” message.

Fine then! If they can keep their racist ass page I’m going to make one of my own.

Just pile one more thing on the endless tasks I carry out throughout the day but hey, I’ll get plenty of sleep when I’m dead.

I make a fake profile but it’s close enough to my own. I then create White Lives Splatter I take the description used on the Black Lives Splatter page and change it a little.

“This is not a racist page but a page to counter the “blue/all lives matter” movement. If blue and all lives really mattered they’d stop killing us with no consequences.”

There! Use their description because it must be good enough, their page has been up and running since 2015. I then go in search of a profile picture and I remembered Johnny Silvercloud made an absolutely wonderful comparison of Tomi Lahren and Vigo the Carpathian from Ghostbusters 2. Profile pic! Now what do I use as a cover photo?

CHARLOTTESVILLE!! Yes! Let’s use a picture of white male fear and fragility in action.


Thursday, April 12, 2018

Now to find content… What do I use? What do I use? Got it! This page is going to highlight the atrocities committed by caucasians against black, brown, indigenous, trans and all of the “others”. YES!! This is brilliant. There’s no hate speech, it’s just me doing what black lives splatter does. Highlighting the brutality of white people and how they come to and maintain the power structure around the globe.

The first story I posted was from Shaun King of Tom Latanowich, the white man that had 111 prior run ins with police. His final run-in resulted in the death of an officer shot in the head while serving a warrant. Latanowich was taken alive. My second post was giving Johnny Silvercloud his props for making the meme that was the face of the page as well as what I was using to troll Tomi Lahren on Twitter.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

I wake up Saturday morning and I see a video about the murder committed by Tom Latanowich and drawing comparisons to how this vile man is still able to breath while countless unarmed black people have been murdered at the hands of police while having no weapons or legal ones.

In the midst of posting the video Facebook logs me out, asks me to identify myself, tell me they have to investigate the page. It’s been 12 hours and they have yet to give me back my page. I guess when it comes to saying black lives don’t mean shit it’s perfectly fine to Zuckerberg and the rest of Facebook, but if we dare say white lives cause harm — not just throughout today but history — that’s something that violates their terms of service and within 48-72 hours, you will be silenced.

Written by Diary of a Stereotypical Black Woman

I'm never sure what to say about me so I'll let you judge me and if I disagree with your assessment, I'll tell you. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/stereotypicalblackwoman/about/?ref=page_internal Twitter: @FBlkStereotype


  1. That is infuriating, but I shouldn’t be surprised. This is the same social media platform that sent a Black woman to “FB jail” because she had a #SupportBlackBusinesses hashtag on a status. However, this is the same site that allowed hate groups to keep doing their things like how one such group contained Jeremy Joseph Christian who would stab 3 people (2 of them died) for daring to defend a Black and Muslim girls respectively. Keep in mind, Christian killed White people who didn’t want to see this guy harassing them. The double standards are on full display.


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