It’s been a couple of weeks by the time of this publishing, the fact that random black guy 5,657,237 — A fellow known as Stephon Clark — was murdered by bitch-ass cops in Sacramento California.

Stephon Clark, Afrosapiophile (1).jpg
Ladies and Gentlemen, this is what self-hate looks like.  What made him hate his Blackness?  And Yours?

There’s a lot of black folks who are so enraged at the fact that Stephon Clark was a black man who hated black women, they are willing to cosign on a very invaginated set of policemen murdering him in cold blood.

I’m not exactly keeping track on the total population of black folks in America in regards to the public opinion of Stephon Clark’s murder, but I’ll have to say that it’s striking that it appears to be a sizable amount of folk who are totally fine with cops murdering this guy in his backyard in a matter of seconds.  It seems like some black folk are perfectly okay with the fact that, cops sought to murder a black man, woman or child.  Again.  And of course, they will get away with it.  Again.

Now, for those who find Stephon Clark’s social media presence infuriating, I totally get you.  I totally understand.  If you wouldn’t “march for Stephon Clark”, that’s fine.  Don’t march for this one.  Cool.

Stephon Clark, Afrosapiophile (2)

But for those who want to really be glad cops mowed him down like a fabricated crop circle, I really wonder what’s what with you.  Like, wow.

Yes this black man shitted on black women.  But that doesn’t mean cops are right in what they did.  A black person performing afro-misogyny or any afrophobia isn’t a licence to allow cops to shoot to kill.  It’s not a license to murder.

Hell, the cops didn’t even know any of this.  The cops didn’t use Stephon Clark’s social media footprint and put a hit out on him.  They shot him because he’s black, and they know they’ll get away with it.  And that’s wrong.  It is something that we as a community shouldn’t endorse.

Stephon Clark Family, AfroSapiophile
Stephon Clark might have been a loving father, but he trolled black women on social media with his twitter account (@zoewoodz).  He allowed his Asian girlfriend to troll black women too, which is something I really HATE. Doesn’t mean cops should murder him.  He’d catch these hands tho.

To put this into perspective, I’ve already had words on one way one can find reason on this.  Yeah, let’s not focus on the black victim, focus on the white perpetrators.  Simple stuff.  Got your eye on the sparrow?  Better keep your eye on the hawk.

Another perspective I’ll add here, is this:

Malcolm Little, AfroSapiophile
Malcolm Little, 1946.

Malcolm Little, probably have said WORSE in regards to black women.  Does, technically, by your logic, Malcolm Little deserve to get murdered by a racist police force?  After all, in his man-youth, he infinitely chased white women, and prefered white women over black women.  What if Malcolm Little had a social media account?  Does he deserve to die?  By racist murderous, insecure, bitch-ass cops?

Malcolm Little, AfroSapiophile 3.jpg
Malcolm Little with a white woman, depicted by Denzel Washington in the 1992 movie, Malcolm X.

Based on the emotionality of the crowd on social media today, a lot of black folk out here would sign off on Malcolm Little’s murder provided that there’s enough evidence that he was a white woman chasing, black woman hating common ass hoodrat doing hoodrat things, which include running from his own blackness.  This is something Malcolm X admitted to in his biography, and was brilliantly illustrated in the Malcolm X film released in 1992, directed by Spike Lee.

What would you do?  Suggest that cops should have murdered Malcolm Little before he became Malcolm X? Because he was an afro-misogynist troll?

You see, I highly doubt Stephon Clark was a Malcolm X in the making.  That’s not the point here.  But without allowing the man to live, there’s no policing him (as in, us black men who are unpacking toxic masculinity to engage his fuckery).  There’s no fixing him.  We cannot hold him accountable.  He is dead; murdered.  And endorsing the murder of this man, regardless of how disgusting he is, is profane.  Cops are not checking for afro-misogyny and making that a factor in who they shoot 20+ bullets into.  They shot him because he was black.  Not because he engaged in self-hate.  More importantly, they shot him because they are white (or at least, borrow whiteness) and they fully understand this is a white supremacy we live in.  They pulled guns out prior to even seeing him, because the call was on a black body.  Facts.

White comfort > black life in this America.

Malcolm Little, AfroSapiophile 2
Malcolm Little as a child.

But if you wish to make it the standard of police shootings, that it’s okay to murder a black man if they engaged in self-hate, if they antagonized black women or black men by way of their blackness, would you cosign on the murder of Malcolm Little when he too, engaged in self hate?  When he too, antagonized black women?

Just a thought.

Whatever the black person done in regards to the black community, it doesn’t make it right for white officers of white supremacy to commit murder upon that black body.

Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


  1. You nailed it. Once again, they’ll get away with it. Once again cops commit murder. And now it’s “blame the victim”. The victim may have been an asshole (white, black, brown, green; assholes come in many colors) but he didn’t deserve to die. I feel sick.


  2. What is the “worse” that Malcolm Little said about woman? Also just because a black man prefers to date outside his race or a particular race outside his race does that automatically mean he doesn’t think black women are attractive? I mean I don’t think it does but as a black woman it seems like that’s the correlation the article is making and that’s just weak and playing up to the emotions of black women and men who assume all Black people who date non-blacks are like this kid.

    Also and sorry I know this is long but isn’t it possible that they are lashing out and just expressing their anger with the Fuck it who cares if he died posts. I mean when I first found out who he really felt that was my first reaction I just didn’t tweet it.


  3. I never saw anyone say that he deserved to be killed… What I saw was ppl reaching and inflating… When chyna said that she wouldn’t be advocating nor supporting efforts in his name, ppl read that as “she believes he deserved it”… I feel like ppl literally have minimal to no reading comprehension.

    And if there are ppl who think he deserved ot, they are enemies of our collective as well. I hope his fam gets justice and no blk person deserves to be murdered by pigs


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