Today I give a character analysis on Killmonger, the main antagonist from the Black Panther movie. Was Killmonger right? Would his plan work? Listen in and check my assessment out!

Black P review, AfroSapiophile (10)

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Black P review, AfroSapiophile (11)

Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


  1. I actually saw this movie a few weeks ago. I do admit that for someone not into mainstream movies, I will say this is one of the better superhero movies I have seen in a long time.

    You gave some very good points about Killmonger. He’s such a complex villain with some legit reasons, but he did so many bad things. Also, very good point about T’Chaka’s flaws for leaving the young Killmonger behind. I’m glad T’Challa called out his own dad in the afterlife because if he wasn’t taken to task, then it would consist of Protagonist Centered Morality which would be HORRIBLE writing. The #KillmongerWasRight crowd definitely gave that villain the Draco in Leather Pants/Rooting For the Villain treatment which is something you don’t want even if there were sympathetic aspects to him. I’m glad there’s intelligent dialog for a Marvel movie of all things.

    Good comparison about Magneto in their anti-villain characterizations. Funny enough, both Killmonger and Magneto’s first names are Erik. He definitely challenges the hero not just physically, but also psychologically. Even I felt questioned when he raised some good points or how people can do “good things” for the wrong reasons.

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