You probably thought I’d be feenin’ by now, didn’t you? Nah. I’m good. Still not one game. Still not one highlight. I know the Super Bowl is coming up and I never thought I’d say this, but I couldn’t care less. If you would have asked me a week ago which teams were in the playoffs, I wouldn’t even have been able to tell you. Well, I take that back. Being from Louisiana, my timeline was flooded with references to Who ‘Dat – and some of them were quite funny, to be honest. Nevertheless…nah. I’ve got my reasons.

T           A           M           I           R

I’m not bagging on my friends who continue to follow the NFL – to each their own – neither am I claiming to be more “woke” than anyone else. Some may say that boycotting is of no use. They argue that if we boycott the NFL, we would have to boycott every professional sport because the same thing happens in each one. To that I say, “I know.” And furthermore, “What’s wrong with that?”

S           A           N           D           R           A

For some, however, protesting has reached its limit.

Yeah, well, I disagree with injustice but it’s the Super Bowl. Besides, haven’t we gotten our point across already? My team is playing, too. I gotta watch ’em.

You go right on ahead, kinfolk. I’m ain’t mad atcha. Word to Pac. Still, my reasons remain. I still haven’t forgotten. How can I?

K           I           W           A           N           E

Those true reasons were twisted and contorted to deflect from the brutality and mistreatment of people of color by police and disguised as…get this… being unpatriotic. Everyone from the common, everyday fan to a former Marine Corps general weighed in on why players were kneeling. Words like ungrateful and thugs were used. Ungrateful thugs. Un. Grateful. Thugs. That is how college-educated Black men in NFL uniforms who peacefully protested injustice were (and are) viewed by many in the white populace. Thing is, they weren’t just talking about the players. That’s how they view you, also.

P           H           I           L           A           N           D          O

You want to get paid, don’t you, boy? Then shut the fu*k up and play. You see that Colin fella over there? I’m not messing with you…you…you sonofabitch! Our organization is committed to excellence. You knew that when we picked your ass up from the trading block.

Sons of bitches. The trading block.

L           A           Q           U           A           N

So what are you saying? As long as I ignore injustice and fall in line with the status quo, I’ll have a job in your organization? Pretty much. A voiceless being. Yet here we stand – existing in a land of low IQs and even lower standards. But all is well. The Super Bowl is coming up. Time to kick back a few and watch those big, bad dudes entertain us.

Bad dudes.

S           E           A           N

The pomp and pageantry of Super Bowl Sunday is preparing to outweigh any events of the past and the reason for the boycott in the first place. Just know that when they start chanting “USA…USA,” some of them are on some go-back-to-Africa type shit. But go ahead and chant with them. I’m sure they’d get a kick out of that.

T           R           A           Y           V           O           N

If I never watch another down of football, I don’t think I would miss it. That, of course, remains to be seen. However, judging from what I know now (truth be told, I was always aware of the social discrepancies associated with professional sports, but that feeling was suppressed under the guise of entertainment), it will be a while before I tune in to another Super Sunday.

A           I           Y           A           N           A

But have fun, fam. I’ll catch you on the rebound. We can talk about who really won.

Or nah.

Facebook: Brian Potier
Twitter: @marinedarkgreen
Instagram: @officialdarkgreenmarine


  1. Bang on! Good and eloquent statement…with a few reminders, lest we forget again. Thank you. I will continue to sit out the remainder of all seasons. And I am happy to add any and all sports that illuminate that we are bought and sold, still.

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  2. I applaud your endeavor to stay away. I’m not a football fan so it’s not particular hard for me to not care about it. Ask me to boycott Netflix though, and there’s gonna be an issue.

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    1. Thank you. The decision wasn’t particularly hard to make, even though I followed football regularly. But I promise I won’t ask you to boycott Netflix! For now, anyway…

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  3. I’m not a sports fan anyway, so watching it wasn’t a priority. This whole backlash against the national anthem protests has a huge double standard. Think about it: taking a knee makes someone an SOB, but no one calls people who gun down country concertgoers in Las Vegas, school shooters, or people who run over protesters with cars in Charlottesville that name or anything like that especially in mainstream media. People need to have their priorities in order.

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    1. Indeed. The hypocrisy is sickening, especially when those guilty of obviously biased views attempt to mask them as something else.

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      1. Thank you! I just wish people would realize the hypocrisy going on and call them out for their biased attempts at bigotry. It’s no wonder I stay away from mainstream news and several outlets of mainstream media.

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  4. Excellent! Your points are spot on. What I find most interesting is that you are boycotting the NFL for a really valid reason – it’s absolute hypocrisy regarding it’s players, especially black players, right to peacefully and tastefully protest social injustice. Unlike the pretend “Patriots” who are boycotting to mask their real prejudice, you are taking a well thought out stand. Two thumbs up, sir!

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    1. Thank you. My thoughts mirror yours precisely in regard to the masking of real prejudices. We’ll remain at a standstill (or, quite possibly, go backward) if those prejudices are not realistically acknowledged and forcefully confronted.


      1. You are absolutely right, Brian. The whole hoopla about the NFL is not about the kneeling; it is about the fact that black players are kneeling. For far too many whites (yes I am white), it is more of a “how dare they”. You can bet if this was whites kneeling we would be hearing different stories.

        My Dad was a World War II navy vet who served in the Pacific. I was always taught to respect our flag, but I was also always taught to respect everyone regardless of color, race, sex, etc.

        So for me there is in all honesty some dilemma. But my thoughts are this. If you can get killed by the police for literally only being black, then maybe that flag does not represent the same thing to you as it does to me. And more, if that condition exists, and it does, then maybe that flag doesn’t mean what I thought either. And maybe what my Dad thought he was fighting for isn’t what we really have.

        So, I must in good conscience support your cause and your stand, or I am simply another white hypocrite. And that is not who I am. So once again, thank you!

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  5. Whatever. At the end of everyday, what you do with yourself or among your sort doesn’t matter. Simply put, you and yours don’t matter except in the level of harm you do to the nation and, if that level gets too high, you’all be dealt with…just as your more thuggish males are already dealt…which seems to bother your sort so much.


    1. Thank you for that privileged insight. Never knew those sentiments existed. Keep me updated, will you…


    1. Absolutely. What I find most shameful is that these professional sports organizations know that the majority of Black people and other people of color will not fully commit to a boycott/protest. In essence, it gives them a pass to do whatever they desire – to include treating Black athletes (specifically Colin Kaepernick) as they did this past season. Furthermore, knowing that whatever repercussions in the form of monetary losses realized will only be for a short time.

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  6. I am not a big sports fan, except for football. For decades I have watched the NFL and devoured the seasons in their entirety; stats, highlights, trades, commentary, you name it. But over the years, I would get so angry at the hypocrisy and power wielded in all the wrong directions. This year, the proverbial straw broke my camel’s back. I will not be watching the Superbowl and I am beyond angry and disheartened at the bullshit that has ensued. That a peaceful (and legal) ‘protest’ has been turned in to some perversion of honoring flags and vets; ridiculous patriotism bullshit used as a distraction from the real issues that sadly, fans fell for left me sick to my stomach. I couldn’t handle the nasty, racist comments on social media from so-called patriotic fans and I found myself drowning in rebuttals. I will not watch the Superbowl. I will not support something that has betrayed all of the young men who fought long and hard to get where they are today; the NFL is a lesson in hypocrisy and modern-day slavery. I miss football but I don’t miss the bullshit that the NFL has become. I hope one day we can all get to a better place.


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