White Girls Wear Weave

It was the summer of 2012, where I allowed a young white woman in her early twenties to live in my apartment in Waikiki, a downtown neighborhood of Honolulu.  There was no romantic or lusting interest, she just was a friend who needed a place to stay.  The deal wasn’t that bad either; she paid half of the rent and alleviating one’s vault of coin of burden is always a plus.

Black men are known for going in on black women for something technically ALL WOMEN DO.  It’s categorically absurd.

white girl weave

Homegirl was very much like a sister living with me; she didn’t have the burden of upkeeping the deceptions women typically apply to men.  So from there I learned that white women wear weave.  Like, a lot.  White women wear, like, one metric fuck-ton of weave.  Of course, a fascinating conversation ensued, which was beyond informative.

Let’s get one thing straight — I don’t give a damn about women wearing weave.  Hold up, that’s a lie — I do have my preferences but the point is that I don’t dock points off of black women because they are wearing weave.  I simply don’t put that much stock in it, like, let’s say… those ashy brothers out there who frequently anathematize black women for wearing weave.  I just never really gave a damn.

While I have my preferences, a black woman wearing weave will not preclude me from dating her, and a man’s preference with women doesn’t define what makes a woman a woman.  My preference for a woman with natural hair is like my preference for my favorite color: red.  I would easily date, love, marry a black woman with weave in the same manner I would do the same with a woman in a blue dress.  Hairstyles are so temporary, it’s categorically absurd to hold a permanent disdain for a woman for weave when the next week she’s going natural, braided, faded, whatever.

White women wear weave.  Like, a lot.  White women wear, like, one metric fuck-ton of weave.

Double Standards

A white woman clearly wearing weave in her hair.

The thing that pains me is how these ashy-ankled black men frequently air out their disdain for black women wearing weave on social media.  I’ve said it before and I’ll keep on saying it: when a person adds the racial modifier to their complaint (i.e., black men this, black women that) they imply that non black is better somewhere.  More specifically, it implies white folk are without fault somewhere.  And that never sits well with me.  So in essence, black men complaining about black women wearing weave ostracizes black women as if it’s an exclusive practice of black women.  It isn’t.

The thing that is particularly mind blowing is this assumption that black women are the only racial/ethnic group that places weave in their hair.  Black men are known for going in on black women for something technically ALL WOMEN DO.  It’s categorically absurd.  While I understand the blindspot that a LOT of hoodrat black men have — which is not having close proximity to white people to learn these things — the fact that THEY (ashy black males) don’t see their own blindspot in this is immensely frustrating.  I mean damn, I hate stupid people.  And black men assuming that white chicks don’t wear weave, or weave is exclusive to black women is the very definition of stupid.

white girl weave-7.jpg
Two Black women.

While black women get demonized, and ostracized by their own men for the mere act of wearing weave, white women for all this time have been flying below radar, with weave stitched to their skulls, totally unmolested by ridiculously abrasive critique.

Based on my proximity to white men, I don’t even think white men realize that white girls wear a lot of weave.  I do know white men who date black women prefer black women with their natural hair out (they fetishize us), but I never heard any white men ever complain about white women wearing weave.

So to all the brothers out there ranting and raving about black women wearing weave, please, by all means, shut the fuck up.  These white chicks you prioritize and fetishize, wear weave too.  Like, a lot of it.  White women wear one-metric fuck-ton of weave.  Stop acting like weave is exclusive to black women, because it damn sure isn’t.

Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


  1. First off, i’ll say that my views or preferences, which ever we call it, mine are much inline with yours when it comes to wearing weave. But this bit here I found to be more important: “(i.e., black men this, black women that) they imply that non black is better somewhere. More specifically, it implies white folk are without fault somewhere.”

    It boggles me how people fail to take notice of this. Why can’t more people be more aware of this. Especially black people. I swear I’m going to run that line through the tracks and spread that sh*t like wildfire.


  2. Thank you for pointing out the harsh comments black women receive for doing something that they probably don’t even enjoy. I know alot of women that know if they wore their hair naturally at their jobs, they would have to deal with side comments all day. Hopefully our hair will be more accepted by society one day.

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