What’s with upping white chicks over black women?

You’ve seen it hundred, if not a thousand times on social media: the up-white women/down-black women memes.  Usually these consists of a photograph of a white chick with a big ass, with the meme claiming that “it’s over for black women” or something along those lines.  I’m so tired of seeing these.

Now I don’t normally see these memes and statuses; it’s probably because of the quality of folk I keep around me.  But for other folks, especially black women, a lot of folks see these a lot.

I will admit that I have met a few black men who actually do place white women over black women, and for the most part, this is the flawed logic I am addressing here.

Just the facts.

White chicks-3
A white chick with a mean derrière.

Look, I’m not a hater or anything.  I’m not going to sit up in here and tell you that white girls are infinitely ugly or something.  I’m not going to engage in such hyperbole because after all, I am a photographer which means that not only do I find beauty in all things and people, I’m going to be objective as possible here.

In addition, I’m not going to tell you all white girls asses are flat.  I’m not going to lie to you at all. Once again, as a photographer I take photos and I’m not going to lie to you.  It would be categorically absurd to build an argument that is grounded on something as subjective as aesthetics.

What I will say, is that these white chicks –favorable derrière or not — will not understand you.  These whites will never understand your black life.  These white chicks will never understand the black life they may even spawn, provided that you got that serious or reckless.

I remember a day ago from the time of this publishing, a prolific black thinker lead a discussion on how men (looking at you here, brothers) often attempt to humble a beautiful, intelligent black woman.
When I thought about what she was talking about, there was two parts where a man would attempt to “humble” a woman: [1] insecurity of her beauty or; [2] insecurity of her intellect.  When she elaborated on her experience, I wondered what type of man has a problem with an intelligent black woman?  Probably the type of man who places a white chick’s butt over a black woman’s mind.

It’s very painful to see black men elevating white chicks over black women, because nine times out of ten, that white chick is engaging in cultural appropriation in the first place.  Yes, it has to be mentioned, white chicks have been robbing black women of their beauty since day one.  These white women these black men select?  They are imitating black women just to get there.  The notion of placing an imitation over the real thing is like watching a person choose a can of spam over a well cooked steak.  It’s like comparing fine bone china to a fucking paper plate.  A beautiful body can be imitated but a sound mind cannot.

White women feel empowered by your lame ass

Iggy Azalea, AfroSapiophileRemember this chick?  This white chick is Iggy Azalea  (Amethyst Amelia Kelly) — an over-hyped white chick with an aight posterior, who was thrusted into the hip-hop limelight despite the fact that she has no lyrical skill whatsoever.  Dirty South Hip-Hop icon T.I found (empowered) her.

The fascinating thing about Iggy Azalea is the fact that she hails from Australia and she speaks (raps) with a fake Dirty South “blaccent”.  Yes, my friends.  Black men empowered a white chick to essentially audio in blackface.

And she is far from the only one.

Allow me to rant a bit, to have you understand that I really hate y’all lames.  White chicks who feels that chasing black men earns them n-word privileges?  This is your fault.  White chicks who attempt to adopt a fake “blaccent”?  This is your fault, black guy.  White women thinking they can replace black women?  This is your bullshit, motherfucker.

Eventually you will suffer a “white privilege override”

White chicks-5

I remember numerous rap veterans, such as Q-Tip even, attempt to school Iggy Azalea on her racial ignorance.  Her dumb ass back then just blew everyone all off and stayed stupid, because she simply can.

This is a perfect reflection of how race conversations typically go with white women as a whole; eventually white fragility will rear it’s ugly face and she will blow you the fuck off.

In addition to that, the white chick can always simply silence you as the black identity in the relationship, because in America even as a liberal she’s more likely to adopt the colorblind logic where she demonizes the FACT that you simply know you’re black (and your children will be too.

She is highly likely to passive-aggressively hit you with the “race card” accusation.  Get ready for the tone policing too.  Yeah, that’s right — you as a black man are never allowed to be truly angry, unless it’s weaponized against black people.

Young or old, they will rob you of your identity.

If she’s from the North she’s likely to be a toxic liberal who engages in much gaslighting and pontificating, acting like MLK is a negro-Jesus or something.  Expect her to champion “tolerance”, versus actually respecting you where you are.

If she’s from the South, expect to hold your African tongue when she mentions Irish slaves like it was really a thing, love Confederate paraphernalia, hallucinate when “Black Lives Matter” is mentioned, fail to grasp black people begging for their lives, and always make the declaration of how they don’t have “white guilt”. 

Even if you were to work with a foreign white woman — directly from Europe, devoid of America’s style of racism — you will still suffer due to the fact that she’s even more oblivious to what struggle you are going through.   A person of color who isn’t black?  Well they might want you to acknowledge their struggle, but they most likely won’t want yours.  And that’s if they aren’t imitating whiteness in the first place, because we all know Afrophobia is a valuable passport to immigrants (i.e., model minority status) who aim to integrate into the United States.  The easiest way an immigrant can be accepted into American society is to accept America’s racism towards Afro-Americans and participate in it.  If you don’t know this, they sure do.

Any way you slice it, either one will love to suggest they don’t see race and tell the world that you are their black friend, boyfriend or husband like a get-out-of-accountability-for-your-racism free card.  Either one will hide their racism behind religion, or military personnel.  Overall, the smoking majority will attempt to make you their pet project which involves robbing you of your black identity.

Eventually, you will have to admit that you are getting tired of the fact that she doesn’t understand you or your black life.  If you are infinitely comfortable with the bullshit white women try with black men… I’ll just say that’s another topic.

Get Out Movie, AfroSapiophile (10)

It cannot be said enough, a white woman will not ever understand what it means to be black.

White women will fuck your kids up

Ever noticed biracial (black/white) kids?  Ever noticed biracial people?  If you took a look at those who are the most fucked up (fucked up, as in, having severe black identity issues) Have you ever noticed that those with black mothers (and white fathers) tend to have these issues less, and those with a white mother and black father have these issues more?  This is because a black woman knows how to raise a black child and a white woman will sit up in there and make their biracial babies their personal, fake-ass “I am not racist” project.  White women are more likely to have the child NOT KNOW they are black, to appease their own white selves.  While a white man may do the same, it doesn’t hold the same weight as how a white woman does this.

Black women are the standard bearers of Blackness

Black women are the standard bearers of what it means to be black.  Because of this, there’s no way in the world a white woman will have the total grasp of what it means to be black in a world full of Afrophobia.

Once again, I’m not here trying to hate on interracial relationships or anything.  I’m just saying, if I’m saying anything at all — you’re losing something special, and that thing is a proper, healthy understanding of a shared struggle.  How much of you are you willing to give?  How much of your own self are you willing to erase?

Black Lives Matter DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia)

Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


  1. wow. So much truth in this feature, I read it thoroughly from start to finish. and this ” This is because a black woman knows how to raise a black child and a white woman will sit up in there and make their biracial babies their personal, fake-ass “I am not racist” project.” So damn true, my mother (black) been saying this for years just from looking at how people raise their kids.

    It’s true, I’d say to an extent that white women will never understand black men. i say to an extent because I feel that in some instances they don’t and shouldn’t need to fully understand us. And if there’s enough love, connection or so forth in the relationship then let that ride through. But placing white women above black women is blatant disrespect. I can’t stand black guys that do that. It’s like “did the last 400 plus years of slavery mean nothing to you?” And truth be told, the white women that do try to embrace blackness are only doing it for attention. Like if you”re going to pick up a white women, do it because you like what makes her, her, not as a replacement for the many queens that already walk this earth.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Right. I initially commented that he’s not a brother if he’s denigrating and stepping over Black women to pull white ones. Black skin does not equate Black mentality.


  2. Excellent piece! Many white chicks who date brothers only do so because they have been rejected by white dudes either for being “too thick” or her pre-existing biracial babies. Brothers, why subject yourself to being a “last resort”? Also, the n-word slides so easily out of their mouths when they feel wronged in some fashion.

    Also, good call on the difference between being a mixed person with a black mother vs. white mother. Thank God for black grandmothers, too.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I LOVED this post! there were so many factual points that need to be seen by the masses. I loved that you brought up the fact that white women think they get a pass to say the n- word just because they date a black man or have kids with him… I absolutely loath that. Its unfortunate too because its only a matter of time before they get their heads knocked off for using that word and black men will be to blame for not teaching her that word is STILL off limits. I may have to write a post on this myself because it bothers me so much! Again great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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