Today I reflect on that subway video where that explicitly racist white guy attacked the Asian man minding his business.

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The middle of November 2017, there was this video of racial harassment taking place on a subway train in California.  Many people saw this viral video of explicit racism.  Most people however, only saw three people in that video.  The characters in the video most people saw were:

  1. The explicitly racist white American male.
  2. The targeted Asian-American male.
  3. The intervening Afro-American woman.

Me?  Well I’m a bit different. I actually saw four characters in this video:

  1. The explicitly racist white American male.
  2. The targeted Asian-American male.
  3. The intervening Afro-American woman.
  4. The “I don’t see color” white American male.

The I-don’t-see-color white male is the person in this video that concerns me the most.  This is the white American male who silently moved out of the way to ensure that racism, literally struck it’s intended target.

Let’s stop and think about this for a moment.  I want everyone to view this video one more time.

Did you see it?  This video represents all within America. Period

Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


    1. I find it interesting that you wonder if I suggest every white person “feels” this way (reflected on both white persons in video).

      I don’t give a damn about “feelings”, I give a damn about “action”, kinetic activity, activity of note.

      Who cares about that man’s feelings when he MOVES OUT OF THE WAY AND ALLOWED AGGRESSION? He, like most white people, clearly figures he has no responsibility towards his fellow man spewing vitriol and hatred, assaulting the Asian fellow.

      Get outta here if you think I give a damn about feelings when your actions speak a bigger truth, and have bigger consequences.

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      1. Is this really about race from every angle? Not trying to be a smartass here! Alternate perception: a crazy person accosts an innocent rider on public transportation. Yes, the one being accosted is being called racial names, so in that respect it *is* racial, but first and foremost, the aggressor here clearly has mental health issues! The 2nd rider, who is sitting next to the one being accosted, is afraid of what the crazy f*ck is going to do and moves out of self-preservation. The crazy f*ck assaults the victim at least a few times physically by slapping the victim. The racial statements continue. The victim gets up to possibly/probably fight back, and another rider intervenes. I’d like to know how this all ends, but unfortunately the video ends there. The 3rd rider, the intervener, took a big risk by stepping in there. She easily could have been seriously injured. She is a hero, albeit a reckless one.

        Being a female, a shamefully exploited gender, I could tell the story again, from a female perspective. Do you see where I’m going with this?

        I hope the crazy f*ck was locked up and mandated to take his meds.


      1. I’m asking because I want to know where you are coming from with the statement “100% of white America”. It seems as if your response to my question is, paraphrasing, (100%?) of white people feel no moral obligation to step in or step up when they see acts of blatant racism. Is this correct? Just trying to understand. Really.


      2. You’re making excuses for a flat out, bigot. You see, you’re reflected in the white guy with the blue arrow.

        //It seems as if your response to my question is, paraphrasing, (100%?) of white people feel no moral obligation to step in or step up when they see acts of blatant racism. Is this correct? Just trying to understand. Really.//


        I’m about action, action, action. Kinetic activity. Fuck your feelings. Fuck his feelings. You’re making excuses for a fucking explicitly racist white man — the most over-privileged figure in the world.

        And then for here, you’re going to engage in tone policing right? Because My black self must always prioritize your white feelings over the trauma of racism that nonwhite people suffer.

        Or you’re going to be passive-aggressive and keep folk in your “thoughts and prayers”, right?

        Stop it. Read more.

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      3. I’ve read plenty. I’ve lived plenty. I’ve acted plenty. I appreciate the dialogue, regardless of either of our tones. If you want to talk about action, acting from the “sole black exploited and white always the enemy” perspective (you said 100%) you’re losing out on very valuable allies. *I* am not your enemy. I’m not willing to [___] someone to prove it. You are making a lot of assumptions about every “actor” in the video. Personally, I would have loved to see everyone on the train/bus/vehicle jump the crazy and hold him down til authorities arrived. But then they would have been taking a chance if he was armed with a knife or something. I’d like to say I wish someone would have tazed him at least a few times. But! if he *was* a crazy, would that be right?


      4. “acting from the “sole black exploited and white always the enemy” perspective (you said 100%) you’re losing out on very valuable allies.”

        ^Predictable. I predicted that. You as an “ally” shouldn’t be at a loss based on my frustrations with how dense you are here; you functioning as an ally should be based on doing what’s right, versus “this black person gives me cookies for showing up”.

        This is so predictable. May I recommend further reading?


        ^Please read for understanding.

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      5. If I read these recommendations, will you read a list I give to you? Rhetorical question. I understand, even if you call me dense. I also understand that it isn’t about race. It has never been about race. It is about them — the overlords in power — pitting us — the masses — against each other. It’s the only way a tiny percentage of the population owns and controls everything. Think what would happen if we joined forces? It is their greatest fear.


    2. MsjDeli, Johnny has explained his position quite clearly. You are demanding more explanation and education. Consider why that is. You questions and concerns have stated and answered. What we observe here is a racist attack, bystanders, and a lone shero intervening. These are not isolated incidents. What is suggested is that white people have a responsibility to interrupt racism, we invented it, we perpetuate it, and there is no better use of privilege than to intervene racial violence.

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      1. Laura I appreciate your concern, but Johnny and I are having a dialogue that is productive. If Johnny chooses to end the dialogue Im fine with it. Thats up to him, isnt it?


      2. Your position of “dialogue” is NOT productive. All you keep on doing is gaslighting people. You sat up in here trying to convince a black person, what’s not racism, as if this (including your position in this) is new or something. It ain’t. Talk to the WNR folk. They have time for you.

        I rather have 1000 explicitly racist conservatives slobbering at the mouth in front on my house with pitch forks, torches and nooses than have ONE toxic liberal feeding me lies, gaslighting, bullshitting me in my ear. Please, fucking stop.

        I’ve already spoken. A lot of this is said before… hence the other links given to you that you neglect to read. Stop bullshitting me please.

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    3. Just from this very short video clip it is not a given that the aggressive man “clearly has mental issues.” Unless you are making the point that assaulting someone violently and using racist language qualifies someone as having a mental disorder, which no edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has ever stated. And no person, including the most qualified psychiatrist, is qualified to declare a person to have a mental disorder based upon watching a short video clip. I state all this because whenever a White person in the United States commits an act of aggression the situation is usually dismissed by claiming he has a mental disorder.

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      1. Mustafa, you may be right, maybe he isn’t mentally ill. I’m not qualified to say by watching the short clip, as you said. But by the same token, neither are you qualified by watching the clip to say he isn’t. Better to let the systems in place handle the situation than invoke street justice. Anyway, Johnny called the posse to get me gone, so bye bye!


      2. You’re still gaslighting. Your tribe has been doing this for over 200 years, WE KNOW WHAT RACISM IS. Stop gaslighting. Please god fucking stop gaslighting.for the love of god stop acting like we don’t know what this is. Damn.


    4. Msjadlei, WNR was invited into this conversation. We exist so that people who are already taxed and threatened (and killed) by racism and white supremacy do not have to continue to expend the emotional labor of repeating themselves when white people are not listening and prefer to debate the issue of racism. We have learned that listening more to those that experience racism and speaking from our experiences will get us much farther in understanding racism. Again I ask you to consider your investment here. Did you read the shared articles? You have an open invitation to continue this with us by messaging the White Nonsense Roundup page.

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  1. Your blog is important, thank you. I am not sure it will ever be possible for whites to understand what black men (in particular) live through every day in our country. How do we fix it? One comment — you might not know it but you have ads on this site that cannot be turned off and they voice-over your own. Really distracting.


  2. The gutless wonder who fled & the pus spirit of the white supremacist It’s a micro of the macro It is demonic spiritual warfare Eyes that dont see ears that dont hear spirit dead & demons a leaping (God said it lst.)


  3. @ msjadeli Read Franz Fanon Black Skin White Masks In fact read all of his works Also read Genesis 9 Abel & Cain – am i my brothers keeper? After that read Prison Poems by Bobby Sands. Then watch the video here again. You cannot know experientially but you will see clearer. We are given our skin/tribe at birth It is what we do with what it brings that is the kicker. You cannot live in someones skin only your own hence trying to grapple articulate on what you will never live thru is frustrating to those living it. Skin is 24/7 – it is identifiable it is with you to the grave Think on that. slan ps at least you stepped up albeit as an example haha


  4. Just an observation: Mr. Silvercloud stated that the video “is 100% of White America.” He didn’t say that 100% of “White” Americans are represented by either of the two White people in the video (the aggressor or the guy who left when he realized he wasn’t a hero). Obviously when it comes to human beings there’s no 100% of anything. What I believe Mr. Silvercloud meant is that the video represents in total American White supremacist culture: on the one hand the racist violence, and on the other the failure to confront that racist violence. In that sense, to me, he is basically correct.

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