Social Media Racism Must Also Be Critiqued

I’ve have to first take a step back and marvel in amazement, this era we live in.  I once thought it was odd that most of our quotables come from movies and television.  I now marvel at the fact that social media is a realm of knowledge and entertainment that now rivals television and cinema, perhaps even surpassing it.  From there, a person like me — an abolitionist writer — must critique behavior within.

One must keep up with the game.

I Remember My First White-Folk-Erase

I remember sometime three years ago from this publishing, there was a young white woman on my Facebook wall who sought to challenge me in regards to racism in America.  I forgot what the topic was, but overall her charge was the notion that I was wrong somewhere.  She was a psychology student, which was cool, because I usually speak from a socio-psychological standpoint and I had expectations that she would understand such (silly me).  Clearly, she didn’t.  She tried to say that her psychology background is grounds for dismissing my claim.  I asked her if she’s still in school, and when I learned that she was, I told her to contact her professor.  I guess she must have talked to her professor, because all of a sudden everything she wrote on my facebook wall was deleted, and she removed herself from my friend-list.

Well damn.  This bitch took L’s worse than Meek Mill.  I mean, I’m a great guy to follow, am I not?  If you got hurt, Wolverine that shit up and keep truckin’, right?

giphy (10)
That feeling when they delete their whiteness prioritizing comments.

One of the things that I haven’t seen any written on is this phenomenon where white folk delete the hell out of their shit when a black person calls them out on their racially ignorant, racist, near-racist, white privileged, racism-adjacent bullshit.  Perhaps I shall grant the first article on this.

Toxic White Liberals

“The majority of toxic white allies are unsurprisingly, white toxic liberals.  And here’s why: Your motivation doesn’t come from wanting to dismantle systemic racism and oppression, it comes from the still-white supremacist desire to be better than other whites.” ~ Johnny Silvercloud, April 2017

If you are a black person (or person of color) who actively critiques white society, you are probably familiar with having white folk within your circles who you call for further self-reflection on their white-supremacy-prioritizing behavior/actions, actually realize how racist they were being, to begin deleting their troublesome comments on social media.  Typically, this person is a white woman, a toxic white liberal.

Typically, this white person will attempt to place “receipts” in the context that “they are one of the good ones” while also trying to tone police you.  Somewhere, they expect coddling.  Somewhere, they expect you — the abolitionist, the activist, the actual agent of humanity — to place their white feelings over black lives.

When you don’t place their feelings over the humanity of the suppressed, oppressed, and persecuted, and you keep on hammering them with the facts…..because they are one of the “good ones”, they finally understand.  They finally get it.  But they know that they have been an asshole the whole time.  They realize they have been, up to that point, defending white supremacy by way of seeking black priority for their white feelings.  You feel like you fixed something, solved a problem somewhere.  You feel a sense of closure.

But hold up — they deleted all of their comments.  Really.  They deleted everything they said that was bull, completely and utterly foul, total garbage.  What the fuck?  What the fuck!?

allergic to bullshit, AfroSapiophile

White Privilege Flexing

“Oh shit, I gotta delete some stuff!”

I’ll have to point out that there’s a serious problem with white people’s handling of American history.  White people when it comes to American history are like the type of people who would eat the marshmallows out of a Lucky Charms box and re-stuff the box with the parts that nobody wants. This is what white folks do.

Black people cannot play à la carte with American history because, we got here, somehow, and we HAVE TO understand our roots, regardless of how painful they are.  We cannot play à la carte with any of it.

So yes, it has to be said, that there’s a severe problem with white engaging in historical revisionism.  Here’s a couple of examples of white folk pretending their way out of historical context:

The list goes on.  You see the problem here?

A white chick deleting their racially ignorant comments after being corrected, is no different than the white person who attempts to change the terms of the Atlantic Slave Trade — America’s institution of slavery — in history books.

angry black woman (1).jpg
“You deleted your bullshit after all that talking we did? Are you serious?”

White people deleting their comments when they are called out, is a form of erasure, a form of revising history of some sort.  Technically, a white person deleting their comments on social media after being called out, is a white privilege flex.  It’s no different than making it so American Slavery didn’t exist, Jim Crow didn’t exist, or any number of racist policies didn’t exist.  A white chick deleting their racially ignorant comments after being corrected, is no different than the white person who attempts to change the terms of the Atlantic Slave Trade — America’s institution of slavery — in history books.

White people seem to have the Time Infinity Stone in regards to race discussions.  For some reason white people think that they can infinitely erase shit.  Sorry, the world doesn’t work that way.

The sad thing about this, is that this racially toxic behavior usually comes from those who one may deem close.  It is always friends who do this.  White friends you may have.  For the most part, it seems like white people will most certainly love to keep you (the racialized person) as a friend as long as you don’t let them know your pain, your fears, your worries.  White people seem to only like black people as long as select black folk act like they are dark-skinned whites. Wow, I wonder what the world would look like if we were actually respected as we are versus only being respected as long as we are objectified in their own flawed and pretentious world view.

If white silence is violence, what does it mean when you delete your word?  Wouldn’t deleting your own stuff constitute another form of white silence?


It seems the only thing we can do a black people is screen-shot everything said long before these fragile white folk begin deleting their rancid nonsense.  Perhaps a blogger out there will post a collection of white noise from our toxic white liberals in one blog or so.  I don’t know.  I just know that I’m tired of talking to them.  I’m tired of seeing them silencing us, especially those who are in the closest proximity, black women.

We are just going to have to keep on screen-shotting them.  angry black woman (3).jpg

Thumbnail Photography Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


  1. I have just ‘cleansed’ my screen shots … i am tired. The last interaction I had with one of these persons ended with Me stating that I am not here to educate Them; I’m not their sounding board; priest or friend for that matter. That they were ignorant and no amount of interaction with them was going to relieve their guilt or educate them; and if they wanted answers, google it. Then I hit the ‘defriend’. I am a POC and this interaction was with my father.
    Tiring times. x

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  2. As a white woman, I’ll be the first to say that the past five or so years have greatly opened my eyes. I’ve had to research (via reputable, legitimate sources) white privilege, what it entails, what it means, and how I fall into that category. I’ve had to research what it means to be a true ally, not just someone putting themselves on a pedestal … and I’ll be the first to say that I’m not perfect and I still say some stupid shit from time to time.

    But I’ll never understand how anyone who is not of color can attempt to negate the arguments, the experiences, and especially the feelings of POC – especially when it comes to racism and racist ideals. We’ve never suffered that experience – regardless of our socioeconomic status. And to say that we understand racism or what it feels like is beyond ignorant.

    As one of my favorite spoken words says, “It is not a problem that you want to sympathize/but to tell me you know my pain/is to stab yourself in the leg because you saw me get shot/We have two different wounds, and looking at yours does nothing to heal mine.”

    My husband (a black man) has opened my eyes to so much ignorance – especially in regards to the subtle microaggressions I had never even realized existed.

    So to be a white person who deletes arguments and can’t say, “Tell me about your experience, explain to me where I’m wrong here” is just pathetic and enabling of all the things that are barring any progress.

    Again, I’m not perfect – I have a lot to learn about being a good ally to POC – but at least I’m willing to listen when I’m wrong.

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  3. Oh, the Black people on Tumblr got this screenshot thing on lockdown. They seem to live for it. You gotta beef, don’t bring it to one of their blogs, they seemed to have learned, from long experience, that when Whites are in their inbox, to catch those screenshots, because if they don’t, they will delete (deactivate) their entire blog.

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  4. Great blog and very true. I had a conversation that I knew would be deleted or I would eventually be blocked so I screenshot it because I knew once I hit them with facts they would be upset and block me and that conversation was far too important because it could teach others.


  5. Back 10+ years when YouTube was a non-commercial site and had more of a community feel to it, I would engage in endless Comments section wars; this went on for about three years. Then I sort of realized…it’s next to pointless. For whatever reason, many people don’t seem to learn anything from either the past or present, no matter what they read or view. People will believe what they want to believe, and it’s painful psychologically to own up to what we are and actually restructure our thought and attempt to understand how we got to the point we are in our opinions. When I look at America today I see a mass ignorance based not upon lack of intellectual opportunity but one based on arrogance and a willful prejudice. That said, if I were to upload anything in the future I’d probably just turn “Comments” off because hey…why waste my time.

    P.S. What the Age of Information (i.e. the Internet) has shown, tragically, is how little things have really changed: same ol’ racism etc.


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