Racism on Borrowed Time

I remember talking to a white friend, a toxic liberal, who might one day warm up to logic, reason and justice, about racism.  To no surprise he with his white self was more interested in the idea of black people being racist.  “You don’t think that black people can be racist too?” he stated, in a matter-of-fact sense.  He was a bit shocked at my response:

“Yes, of course black people can be racist.  Have you ever heard of David Clarke?”

Needless to say, he wasn’t ready for that one.

Most sociology scholars claim that black folk cannot be racist, they are only thinking in the direction of the reverse, and that is correct.  I on the other hand always sleep with an eye open, so I always maintained that black people can be racist — only towards other blacks that is.  

When it comes to white supremacy, White supremacists and the rest of the alt-right has a lot of help.  You don’t have to be a black abolitionist writer/speaker photojournalist to find frustration when it comes to witnessing a black person use all their talents to oppose black progress, to provide, technically, Psy Ops against the majority of black people in America.  It has to be said, that there’s a LOT of black people who rather stand in the way of progress concerning Afro-Americans.

Familiars, Pets

 “…..And when that happens, I’d rather be a pet than cattle. You got me, B?” ~ Scud, played by Norman Reedus, Blade 2

I always likened this phenomenon to what was observed in the Blade movies.  You see Blade (Wesley Snipes), the Marvel Comics vampire hunter had an interesting set of characters who were practically, pets to the vampire guild.  In the first Blade movie, these regular humans working for the vampires were called “Familiars”.  In the second movie there was a  “familiar” who tells Blade that he rather be a pet than be cattle.

I have no idea how many people were paying attention, but that quote in that movie rings so hard in my mind because it brilliantly illustrates the mentality of those who engage, in practically socio-psychological treason concerning the black community — black people who place personal safety to extreme importance to the point that they engage in what typically looks like Stockholm Syndrome, endangering the safety and security of others members of African Diaspora.

Thoughts on the “Naming Convention” so to Speak

As an abolitionist writer/speaker/photojournalist, one cannot pretend that these familiars do not exist in real life.  One of the first things a coon is called is a house negro of some sort.  I for one never liked this term because it perpetuates the myth that house negroes were content, happy, as if they were not lived-in hostages as they actually were.  House negroes were not infinitely posed in defense of white supremacy, and quite often they were the ones who engaged in arson (i.e., burning down the home furniture of whites) the most.  The second problem I have with this term is the fact that it perpetuates the myth there was only two American slave archetypes (e.g., house slave/field slave) when there was four; house hand, field hand, driver and artisan slave.  Technically, if anyone wanted to use a slave archetype to describe the modern day coon, it would be the driver slave, because that was the slave who had the whip, and sometimes had the gun, who was charged with the responsibility to literally enact violence upon the black persons under slavery in order to upkeep white supremacy.

This points to another purpose for the coon — to be a vessel of hatred, wrath and fury that whites can live vicariously through.

Scooby-Doo-costume, AfroSapiophile
This photo invokes everything wrong with black tokenism.

While the word “coon” or “trash panda” generally get the point across within the black community, it’s viewed as a slur due to the initial invention of the term by whites.  Being that this is a reality, other terms have came into existence.  “Butter Biscuit Brigade” typically denotes more than a few.

If you ever heard of the term “Scooby Snack Blacks”, it’s a term I made myself years ago after seeing an old photo of a young black male, on his knees, nearly naked, practically posing as the pet (Scooby Doo, an incoherent dog) for a set of white friends of his, who probably have no idea what white privilege is.  Scooby Snacks became what such black folks do it for; the safety, security, and admiration given from white people.

Every black person has a tanooki suit; it’s just a matter of if it’s worn or not.

In 2016 I came up with the term “Tanooki”, which is based off of the old Mario Brothers game where the character who had the ability to literally suit up in a racoon dog suit.

This term became my favorite on so many levels.  First off, it points to a suit that someone can put on and take off.  Technically, every black person has a tanooki suit in their closet; it’s just a matter of if it’s ever worn or not.  In this sense, the coon becomes an action, not a person, which is more effective as a concept.  A black person in many cases might be cooning by accident (by neglect) because racism against black people is so internalized.  So from there, the approach is similar to reminding someone that they’re caught with their pants down, or in this case, tanooki suit on.  A black person who is cooning by neglect is less likely to get defensive if there’s distance between the action and self.

Even further with this term, is the fact that it stems from a Japanese folklore.  The tanooki (tanuki) in folklore was a trickster type of character, which cannot be trusted.  In folklore the racoon dog is also a shapeshifter, which from here alludes to the transformative nature of the coon.  The tanooki is also a gullible character, which means it’s easily fooled or swayed… which makes perfect sense here.  The Tanooki suit even goes deeper into the concept of Afro-American dual consciousness, first coined by W.E.B. Dubois.  With all stated here, I’ll have to say that this fantastic concept still remains as my favorite term.

One term I never caught on to was the “Uncle Tom”.  For those who use this term, they never have read the book the character comes from.  I haven’t read Uncle Tom’s Cabin either, but I do know that  Stowe’s Uncle Tom was a young black man who refused to obey when ordered to beat other slaves, which goes opposite of the spirit of the term.

Note: When it comes to the names and terms here, these terms are not for white people to use.

Five Types of Coons

When decided to create the face photo for this article, I realized that there’s at least five types of coons who exist:

  • the Government coon;
  • the Sports coon;
  • the Social Media / Internet Coon;
  • the Hollywood coon, and;
  • the Religion coon.

Just as black progress has two sides (e.g., black empowerment, dismantling racism) cooning has its parallel: defending white supremacy and assaulting the black community.  The five types of coons, due to the overall role of participation of their own oppression, do have a some overlap.  The biggest part thing I noticed with these five types is the fact that they all are on places of influential power.  While Government, internet and religion is a legitimate power that needs no explanation, sports/entertainment also exercise influential power upon black people, due to a myriad of factors, such as charismatic powers, the ability to attain wealth, providing personal characters to emulate.  In the 1990’s one slogan was “I wanna be like Mike”, and Michael Jordan was one of the biggest coons in American history.  And who didn’t want to be like Mike?


Another thing to note, is how the government coon isn’t allowed to EVER be angry — unless that anger is directed at blacks.

Government Coon (1)a

The government coon is particularly dangerous due to the fact that they can effect policy, law (politician), and execution of said law (black cops).  The government coon, for white people, covers two bases; similar to the “I have a black friend” nonsense, they provide a black body a white person can root for, wish for the success of a black person as long as they assault the black community, provide nothing for the black community except empty words and pontificating phrases, and uphold white supremacy by way of racism denial and other explicit actions.

Mia Love for example, a black woman from out of Utah hailing from the same city that murdered Darrien Hunt under a badge, has nothing, literally nothing on her website that points to a culturally black point of view.  For all intents and purposes, her website template literally the same as a rural highly-isolated-from-black-life old, conservative white male.

The government coon, like most, seems to take refuge in the notion of being distant from the black community as a whole.  Seemingly, the more removed from black life the person is, the better accepted they are by white America.

Another thing to note, is how the government coon isn’t allowed to EVER be angry — unless that anger is directed at blacks.  Allen West, served as the angry black man, for whites, in spades during the Obama years.  This points to another purpose for the coon — to be a vessel of hatred, wrath and fury that whites can live vicariously through.  Similar to the driver slave, it’s okay to put a whip (and gun) in a black man’s hand as long as that nigga is whipping (and shooting) other blacks.

Speaking of driver slaves, the perfect modern day embodiment of such has to be David Clarke, who is a hyper-racist Milwaukee police officer who shares an internet platform (overlap).  While coons like David Clarke are loud, worst are the silent ones, such as Clarence Thomas who currently sits as a “Justice” on the Supreme Court.


The American white collective, have largely considered these black athletes “ungrateful”, as if their athleticism and entrepreneurship isn’t their own.  This is spoken as if all the money that these black athletes earned, is a bribe, hush money of some sort.

The sports coon seems to be among the first proto-coons in my studies.  When I first made the face photo for column, the first thing I noticed was the fact that there were so many coons from the sports industry.  Cam Newton, Jim Brown, O.J. Simpson, Sage Steele, Jason Whitlock, Michael Vick, Michael Jordan, the list goes on.  How come there’s so many coons from sports?

One reason why, in my assessment, is the fact that sports was one of the first integrated institutions in America.  From there, black success in sports was tethered to the acceptance of blacks by whites, so technically the black sports athlete figures he has no choice but to perform minstrel-esque tap dancing routines around the fact that black people who are less fortunate are being lynched, maimed, and murdered around them left and right, or still being terrorized by racist local law enforcement policies.  Michael Jordan explicitly decided to stay silent during his prime in the 90’s concerning racism, stating that white people buy his shoes too.

Sports Coon (12)a
Floyd Patterson is famous for placing himself as the designated pet to whiteness versus Muhammad Ali.

One of the interesting behaviors to observe in the American white collective in the year 2017, is the whitewashed response to black athletes protesting racial profiling and state sanctioned murder of people of color.  The American white collective, have largely considered these black athletes “ungrateful”, as if their athleticism and entrepreneurship isn’t their own.  This is spoken as if all the money that these black athletes earned, is a bribe, hush money of some sort.  A green code of silence.

The fact that the white collective call the protesting protesting black affluent “ungrateful” suggests that white people perceive a ownership, master-slave relationship with black athletes.  The white literal “owners” of these football teams, such as Jerry Jones, unwittingly illustrate this perverse white entitlement mentality.  White people, as a collective, pretty much assume a tap dancing minstrel routine from all black athletes as a result.  And there’s more than enough black athletes to oblige to this racist system; keep in mind that their profession is highly competitive, so appeasing white racist ideologies may place one on top of the other.  Even further, athletes typically become sports commentators where they further perpetuate Afrophobia.  Jason Whitlock doesn’t have any significant on-field history, but the fact that he’s a sports commentator sporting a full tanooki suit is a perfect example of this dangerous problem.

Sports Coon (15)jhgf
The magic of the sports coon is that this position in white supremacy give millions of black youth a suppressed black “role model” to emulate.

Supporting white supremacy, or rather, your own oppression/persecution as a black person is simply just the most easiest thing to do.  Michael Vick ignorantly slung mud at Kaepernick’s protest, and in short time he was hired by Fox News. Demonizing black protest is a profitable position in a white supremacist nation, so we can only expect to see the most coons come from this line of work.


TV -ENT Coon (2)ss
School of Respectability Politics

The hollywood coon parallels the sports coon, so there’s a lot of overlap in functionality.  Some athletes have transitioned into acting; O.J. Simpson and Shaquille O’Neal are notable examples.  Being that entertainment encompasses both, the only true difference is whether one were a professional athlete or not.

The hollywood coon, much like the sports coon, serves the same purposes; suppressed black role model to emulate, black-self hating body for white people to live vicariously through, and perpetuate respectability politics.

Typically a white person, either toxic liberal or blatantly racist conservative, will cherry-pick a quote from an tanooki suited actor to deflect befuddle, racism as a whole.  For some strange reason quoting an actor on socio-psychology issues such as racism, sociological privilege systems despite the fact that they are not people with doctorates in sociology or psychology, will continue to be a favorite behavior of the white collective.

Bill Cosby, as an example of a toxic liberal, is a favorite of conservatives due to his public admonishment of black youth, which gave racists a black person to live vicariously through.  Others, such as Raven Symone, is a whiteness favorite due to her selective befuddling of black identity.  She infamously stated that she isn’t black, and white people LOVE to see black people erase themselves; they don’t have to perform erasure if the black person does it for them.  Stacey Dash, as an out-of-work actor served the Obama years as an Afrophobic cute-faced black chick on Fox News.  The fact that Stacey Dash was fired literally as soon as Obama’s presidential term was over, illustrates another matter:  White supremacy, does NOT love their black sock puppet pets — you are STILL black.


I will have to say that one of the goals of the religion coon is to keep black people docile.

Religion Coonkh

The thing that makes religion so harmful is the fact that once you attach the notion of a comfortable afterlife to a task in this planet, human beings will literally DIE in the name of whatever task you attached to said religion.

For that reason, the religion coon is a magnificently dangerous type of familiar.  The religion coon, by way of being a part of a community that explicitly builds leadership qualities in people, would be already skilled in managing resources and people; volunteering, running meetings, managing disagreements, allocation of funding on projects, and other forms of leadership responsibility.

If a fellow of the religious cloth were to engage in civil rights activism and produce great results, what if one were to use all of their skills and social capital to suppress, oppress black people as a whole?  What if one were to use their religious social capital to align with white supremacy?

I always marveled at the fact that when a white person takes Christianity in America, they have “God-given rights” to “have guns” and dish out “death” in the name of “Holy vengeance”, but when a black person takes the same religion, it’s all about forgive, forgive, forgive.  From this point, I will have to say that one of the goals of the religion coon is to keep black people docile by way of manning the post of Colonel Crunchy in the Butter Biscuit Brigade.

The Social Media / Internet

These social media coons DO NOT hate being black by any means, in fact, they love their blackness.  The problem lies in the fact that they love being black FOR WHITES ONLY.

thomas jerome harris, AfroSapiophile
Thomas Jerome Harris, a.k.a. “Tommy ‘Crispy’ Sotomayor” is a Type A social media coon.

The social media realm one of the most fruitful places where a coon can engage in the greatest form of coonery.  Just as social media allows the unheard protester to have voice, social media also allows the pet to white supremacy to also have voice.  A lot of these social media coons caught foothold during, unsurprisingly, the Obama years.

My interests in studying coonery, came from the fact that I instruct whites to dismantle white racists, but that’s most certainly one position on the battlefield.  If I’m practically training white assets to work behind white enemy lines, what about the black agents of white supremacy?  The parallel to any black abolitionist social media entity is the social media coon.  Being that I exist as a social media entity as a writer online, the social media coon is the type of coon out of this list that I frequently bump shoulders with.  Needless to say, I have detailed analysis on this particular type of coon.

In my analysis, there are two main types of social media coons:

  • Type A, the “TJH”: Explicitly attacks an element of the black community (i.e. black women); provides minstrel-wretched entertainment for low-brow folk; fulfills and validates negative stereotypes against black people; never angers white constituents
  • Type B, the “CJP”: The “black conservative” who isn’t a politician; provides “puppet therapy” for white supremacy aligned politics and people; loves being black, FOR WHITES ONLY
Internet Coon (4)
The remarkable thing about C.J. Pearson’s story is the fact that white supremacy is so desperate that they will elevate a cooning black child knowing damn well a kid his age don’t know shit.  If a 12yr old child can parrot your politics, maybe there’s a problem with your politics.

The two types of social media coons have a varied response to the black community.  The Type A social media coon, who I’ll designate as the TJH, will be very comfortable surrounded by black people.  The Type B, the CJP, might not exactly be super-comfortable being around a lot of black people.  The reason why the TJH find comfort around black people is because they attack only a portion of black community.  Typically, the TJH will only explicitly attack black women if he’s a male.  If the TJH is a black female, she will only attack black men.  The CJP might not necessarily attack black people, but they will support and uphold white supremacist policy which hurts the black community as a whole.

Whether you are dealing with the Tommy or the C.J., one thing that a lot of black people don’t understand is if they hate being black or not.  These social media coons DO NOT hate being black by any means, in fact, they love their blackness.  The problem lies in the fact that they love being black FOR WHITES ONLY.

If you ever had the chance to talk to a social media coon concerning a discussion on race relations, or referencing race at all, you’ll notice the mental gymnastics they pull which will point to the fact that they do not hate their black skin.  They love monetizing their blackness because they’ve realized the same thing an abolitionist has — white supremacy, like all forms of oppression needs validation agents from the stock of dark bodies from which they anathematize.

Being that I was a black conservative during the Bush era (2000-2008), I often wonder what would have happened if I used all my analytical skill, attention to detail, brains and wit to suppress black thought like the rest of these coons.  What if when I first started writing in 2013, I was like Allen West against Obama or something.  What if I was a younger David Clarke with an online platform?  What if AfroSapiophile was practically, a black version of Breitbart?  I would probably end up on Fox News as a black body against black bodies for conservative whites to marvel at, to pet on the head.  From there, white conservatives will continue to elevate my online presence.  I would then monetize it.

Internet Coon (3)hh
Alfonzo Rachel, at 45+ years old, is a smart man. He will say things that he’s too smart for. But if you consider his intended audience…

You see, as a fellow who once was a black conservative, I can reflect, and clearly see where this would lead.  I can think like a social media coon because technically, I could have became one.  So from there, I know why they exist — because cooning is REWARDED BEHAVIOR.

If one were to ask Tommy Sotomayor why does he shit on black women, the first thing he’s going to do is prepare his audio-video set.  The first thing he’s going to do is confirm that it’s done on his platform only.  This is because a person like himself ONLY COONS TO A PARTICULAR AUDIENCE.  Social media coons are not going to coon in a void.  They put up a stage act; a performance.  Much like a terrorist, they need a particular crowd.

In addition to this, the social media coon when approached in social media is always talking to their audience through you.  Think of how republican party members would meet the NAACP and practically slap them in the face.  That meeting wasn’t to talk to the NAACP, it was the talk to their racist white constituents.  Social media coons, especially the CJP types, love doing this.

I’ve closely monitored black conservatives (after being one) for years and if you would have done the same you’ll notice one constant — they never criticize white supremacy.  Try to ask a black conservative about Americanized Nazis, and see what happens.

Note to white Assets: leave them to us (Black Abolitionists)

Of course, there’s always the fascinating moment when a white person comes across a cooning, tanooki black person.  In a strange way, this is one of the intended uses of the trash panda.  So, if you are a white person reading this, please understand that it’s best that you leave such shitbags to black abolitionists to sort out.  If you are white, and you see a coon, leave them to us.  Leave them to me.

With this being said, please understand that the terminology surrounding such is totally off-limits for you.  Terms such as “coon”, “Uncle Tom”, “trash panda” are not to grace across your tongue.


The biggest reasons why cooning exist, is because for starters, black people in America do not have the sociological capital to effectively punish them.  In Tommy Sotomayor’s cowardly case, he explicitly provides Afro-misogyny which many black men support, so from there, half the time we can’t even get a majority of black people to agree on what’s right or wrong.

A lot of times, social media coons also double as trolls who have a multitude of accounts, and will block anyone who they slight, and will continue to bully the defenseless and marginalized from their Youtube or Facebook platforms.  What makes matter worse is the fact that many of these trolls have a followership (read: cult) who will without pay, harass their abolitionist opponents to no end, report anything criticizing white America and get people suspended or banned off of social media.

Being that the coon is a black person who explicitly decided to align themselves with white supremacy, one cannot approach them as if they are a racist white person.  Half the time white people are totally oblivious to how racist they are.  Most coons, especially social media coons, absolutely know precisely what they are doing.  It is intentional, always.  The best way to defeat a coon (outside of the pain of death) is to continue to do what you are doing, engaging in black love especially.  Voting (and money) defeats the political coon.  For the rest, one must roll over them by continuing to do the right thing.


Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


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