I don’t think you understand how serious I am.

This is your mess.

Every single time you barked about how BLM protested, you supported go fund me campaigns for racists and cops that killed unarmed Black (minority) people.  Every time you shouted freedom of speech when someone called a Black person a nigger you created this mess.

A young black teen with his little brother, MLK Day, Washington D.C., 2017.

When you shouted all kinds of “Black bitches” from cars like bullets in a drive by.  Every fricking time you stepped on the grass of a barbecue and threatened the children, Black children in attendance.  Every time you applauded police after they served Roof a cheeseburger you gave the okay.


Every fucking time you let “thug” leave your mouth or find place on your facebook page in lieu of the word nigger, Black people knew better and yes it’s your fault.

From lynchings, to church bombings where little Black babies died.  For the children your White mothers lied about and those lies got them strung up from a tree by their necks after being beaten and tortured.


For every Blackface Facebook post or tweet your not-so-smart, entitled, college racist children posted…. wasting your money on bigotry instead of knowledge, this is on you.  Everytime a Black boy or girl is searched and their rights violated because they “fit the description” or they are followed in the store…. you own this.

For your body clenching and pocketbook hiding antics. For the fake statistics, fake drug possession charges, planted evidence, false testimonies, fabricated stories, this is on you.

This is your mess to clean.

Every time you put a cop on paid leave for killing a Black person. For every teenager you beat because they refused to fear your Whiteness and racist ideology.  For the police that claimed they didn’t comply even with video evidence proving otherwise.  Every time you didn’t convict.


For every Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Eric Gardner, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin and the countless others you reduced to nothingness and criminality in their death….own your shit. This is on you. This is your mess.


For the man that 84% and 53% of you put in the White house because 8 years of seeing a Black man’s face was too much to bear, you did this.

For the segregation and gentrification.  The Jim Crow and apartheid.  The separate water fountains, entrances and the back seat treatment.

Philando Castile, murdered by white supremacy

For the Afros, braids and locks you forced Black people to shave, only to appropriate.  For the Black skin, lips and body you secretly fantasize and openly make fun of, to then appropriate.  For the culture and music you’ve stolen.  For the inventions, creations, discoveries and masterpieces you lied and claimed as your own.

For the hoses and dogs you trained and unleashed on peaceful protestors.  For the man that took a knee that you have Blackballed (ironic the name).  For the leaders you murdered.

For the failure to fund schools and community centers in Black neighborhoods. For the failure to give clean water, clean streets clean air.

For every time you said All lives matter to shut up anyone saying Black lives matter.  You caused this.

For every time you wanted to know why you can’t say nigger, fixed your mouth to spew Black on Black crime as if your whole existence in America didn’t stem and grow from criminal activity.

For every time….

This is your mess.

You did this White America.

Even if you were silent.

So yes this is your mess to clean up and no I will not march with you. No I will not have a conversation with you as to why it’s not your mess.  No I will not entertain your tears. If you’re pissed go protest and do something about it.  Put that superhero complex to use.

Fuck me?

Yeah, fuck you too.

Contributor: Meckelle Daxon

Thumbnail Photography Credit: Johnny Silvercloud


  1. The title couldn’t be more appropriate. It’s never been more undeniable than now and it seemed to have caused a slight shift in how the whole issue is perceived.
    Put simply since none of the people associated with the events in Charlottesville and their aftermath are people of color, there’s no one to scapegoat so white America is literally forced to take the blame for it – for once.


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