White People Incite Race Riots

Over the second weekend of August 2017, Americanized Nazi named Richard Spencer started a race-war style riot (yes, riot) in Charlottesville, Virginia.  One person is confirmed murdered (yes, murdered) when a Trump/Americanized Nazi supporter plowed their car through a mass of counter-protesters (the protesters who are against the Nazis).  This event, hosted by your neo-Nazi, neo-confederate, alt-right alt-reich, right-wing politics holding, republican party voting, Kaepernick-hating white American.  Sure, our white bigots will point to their designated perfectly colonized pet black person to provide smoke screen, but we all know who own this — it’s white people.  The white American.

In one hand, I might have to thank Richard Spencer.  Richard Spencer, may have unwittingly showed the world precisely what black people have been saying all along — America is a white supremacist nation, who has an unfettered admiration for fascism, nazism, Afrophobia and other xenophobias.  When these other nations say that America is the biggest threat to the world, no one knows this better than the Afro-American.  When these nations say that America is the biggest threat to the world, they are not just talking about military might, they are talking about the unstable right-wing ideology America has fostered for years.  They are talking about whiteness, as if the whole world is black.

If you put a monochrome filter on this photo, you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between 2017 from 1957.

America: A Nation Devoid of Self-Reflection

Keep in mind that all of this is taking place in a year where the producers of Game of Thrones are planning to make a show based on what if the Confederates won the Civil War (trust me, they won).  America is by far, the most racist, white supremacist, white-identity prioritizing nation in the world.  Even more than Europe.  Recently, a white American bigot gave a Nazi salute multiple times in Dresden, as a tourist in Germany.  That person promptly got beaten up by a local national.  You see, when Europeans see Nazism, they say “Never again”. When white Americans see Nazism, they say, “Welcome home, old friend”.  This is where the problem lies.

Imagine knowing a person who doesn’t bathe, and never looks in the mirror — that’s precisely what America is.  America doesn’t cleanse.  America doesn’t look in the mirror to check herself.  She’s diseased.  She stinks.  Right now, she smells like Nazism.

white history month, AfroSapiophile3
I need every white person to look at this really hard, because this is what your stand for. Those white people in this photo is YOU.

When Europeans see Nazism, they say “Never again”. When white Americans see Nazism, they say, “Welcome home”.


Whites are too busy silencing this guy, versus listening to all of us.

There’s a lot of white people in America this weekend who wondered how can this happen.  There’s a lot of “this is not the America I know” type of talk going around.  I’m going to have to be radically honest and tell you that such talk pisses me off; all this reaction does is confirms the obvious — white people thinking they are decent, not just don’t know what black people are talking about, they are willfully ignorant.

If you, white person, listened to black people since day one — you know those melanated folks you enjoy watching get murdered by your Blu Klux Klan — your “this is not the America I know” statement would hold a whole lot of validity.  It would hold validity, because you, white person, would have eradicated it.  Since you and your klancestors did not, this racism is PRECISELY what Afro-Americans have been speaking of, for years.  You think we are all lying or something; get the fuck outta here… This is your reality, white people  One would have to wonder why you choose to never listen to black people.  Like, why not?  If white people listened to black people, the entire world would simply be a better place.  A while back ago I spoke on this racial phenomenon called “white guilt”, and assessed how whites always invoke the construct as something to duck and dodge.  When white people say they don’t have white guilt, they are actively suppressing their conscience, their morality.  They are engaging in selective racial sociopathy.  The majority of white people, suppress their conscience because if you feel guilty, there’s a reason for it.  You ain’t finished yet.  You left a job undone; you fucked up somewhere.

White people in America are practically no different than a dead-beat parent when it comes to owning the direction America is traveling.  White people remind me of a parent who pretends their child’s room is clean when it isn’t.  The type of parent who pretends their child does their homework when they didn’t.  In fact, white people in America act like the type of parent who acts surprised when they find out that their child is dysfunctional in the school place an a parent/teacher conference.

Charlottesville 2017 is a culmination of the white liberal failure to properly assess, attack and demolish white racial animus.  White people — liberals and conservatives alike — simply do not want to do the work.  Charlottesville 2017 happened, because white liberals are more fixed on holding racial stat quo (which means cops still murder me for no reason with impunity) than actually listening to black people, allowing black women who are leading our modern civil rights struggle, to take lead.  Charlottesville 2017 happened, because white liberals think peace means our silence versus the truth; peace means our harmony, justice.  Liberals engage in Japanese-anime style running, running away from black thought at break-neck speeds, and instead suggest the black person to accept and approve of the pathetic, lame, do-nothing white liberal, because hey, “at least I’m not racist like those other guys.”  Liberals should, if anything, embrace the anti-fascists (because they aren’t afraid to punch a Nazi, and that’s a fucking start.)

President Donald Trump, has issued a pathetically weak statement saying, “hate on many sides,” after one of his fans engaged in vehicular murder.  People, you cannot get mad a Trump for saying this because this “false-neutrality/obfuscate white supremacy” deal is exactly what President Obama has done, for years.  It’s a fascinating thing, is it not, on how both liberals and conservatives provide smoke screen for white supremacist ideologies, acting as if the reaction to white racial terror is equal to white racial terror itself.  These are the things I’m talking about.

An un-punched Richard Spencer is seen with his Hawaiian Luau culture-appropriating torches, in Charlottesville Virginia, August 11, 2017.

White people have a hard time identifying Americanized Nazis in plain sight.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better.  Why? Because white people think turning a blind eye and deaf ear makes them decent people (it doesn’t).

This Is Why We Must Find Our Inner-Kaepernick

Overall, this is the precise reason why everyone needs to be the Kaepernick in their workplace.  Everyone, no matter who you are, should mention this event at work and force the conversation.  Make people, especially white people, uncomfortable.  Let people at work know where you stand.  It’s imperative that this conversation if forced to happen no matter where you are.  With friends, work associates, family.  Make them uncomfortable, because white comfort should NOT trump black life.  Hey, I lost plenty of “friends” who preferred my silence concerning racism.  I’m sure Kaepernick has too. It’s time to lose a few of your own.  Forced silence during times of unjust violence is no different than an abusive relationship.  Make that conversation happen.

Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


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