“I find a strong hypocrisy in how white people infinitely demand that black people need to be angelic, nonviolent saints in regards to protest, while whites have used violence to procure their alleged freedoms.”

Independence Day

Of course, no one needs a history lesson here.  The 4th of July — Independence Day — is an American holiday commemorating the penning of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776.  Objectively speaking, it’s a beautiful day, marked with it’s use of fireworks, and anything that glows in the dark or lights up a night sky.

What Makes a Patriot?

From an abolitionist’s standpoint, I have no issue with patriotism in itself.  I as an abolitionist photographer/writer/speaker I have more of an issue with HOW patriotism is executed, versus patriotism itself.  While many critics of America refuse the title of patriot, I would argue that they are.  They all are patriots.  Nothing is more patriotic than holding America accountable, in proper judgement, objectively.  Holding America accountable for her sins and crimes as well as her victories is no different than being a parent holding a child to the same.  One should not allow Americanized Taliban to essentially run amok with the title of “patriot”.  There’s a difference between patriotism, and nationalism.

Women's March in D.C., 2017, AfroSapiophile. Photography Credit: Johnny Silvercloud
Who is the “patriot”? The Trump supporter with the finger or the anti-rape protester?

Another aspect of what it means to be a patriot, is resistance.  If one were to ask me, I’d say that resistance is more descriptive of what define a patriot than any adherence to tradition or ceremony.

Suppression, oppression and persecution are things not congruent with the idea of America (I state “idea”, because there’s a distinction between America as an idea and America as a reality), thus, it matters plenty that there are actually people who are willing to stand up and fight for the human right to exist freely, to have all rights as American citizens DEFENDED properly (because rights don’t mean shit if they are not defended equally).

From this point, I’ll have to highlight the incongruency of how rights are protected and defended, and how true patriots are viewed modern day.


Colin Kaepernick, is without question, an American Patriot.  This is a fellow who stood up (or knelt) during a time of violence, inhumane and grossly unconstitutional police practices, and in essence decided that his silence as a relatively affluent NFL star quarterback cannot be bought by his paycheck, which is what white supremacy constructs for black athletes.  One can argue that kneeling shows more reverence to the flag than standing, but yeah.  Kaepernick should be considered a national hero.

Black athletes, similar to black churches, have been silent for years.  Black athletes have have long traded in actually being a patriot for counterfeit patriotism; pleasing the powerful and silencing the weak.  Not Kaepernick though.  White supremacy in America, Congruent with the history of the United States, decided to punish Kaepernick for, merely being more visible than a poor, unknown neighborhood protester.  Despite being pushed out of the NFL via white supremacy, he’s still my favorite quarterback.  I don’t care about his stats, I care about his judgement.

Today is not different than yesterday.

Resistance is a White Privilege

This brings me to my point: American resistance is by large a white privilege.  Black people from a sociological standpoint, are not allowed to have voice, speak out against oppression, suppression or persecution (and yes, when a society punishes you for thinking, that’s textbook persecution).  We are not even allowed to have memory.  The only reason why white people have not actively powered up gas chambers is because black people, to them, were meant to be exploited; the murdering and lynching is a side-effect.  We were not brought here, this land called America, to ever be free.  If anyone thinks so, I suggest asking Philando Castile for his take on the matter. Or Sandra Bland.  Or Freddie Gray.  Or Richard Collins III.  Or Darrien Hunt.  Or Army Sergeant James Brown.  Or Tamir Rice.  Or Timothy Caughman.  Or Jordan Davis.  The list goes on, and keeps building.

Fact: The Revolutionary War was a VIOLENT Protest

“Looking at the 4th of July — a celebration of a very successful violent protest — and then telling black people that violence is an ineffective protesting tool, is a slap-in-the-face hypocrisy. It’s another one of those “white lies”.  And we all know that white lies have long replaced white hoods.”

I find a strong hypocrisy in how white people infinitely demand that black people need to be angelic, nonviolent saints in regards to protest, while whites have used violence to procure their alleged freedoms (congruent with the rest of world history of Europeans).

The Boston Tea Party was a set of American whites, destroying British property throwing highly taxed tea into the Boston Harbor.  The company who owned the tea was the East India Company (British), so think about it;  had this been modern day and you replaced tea with petroleum, and change the East India Company to Exxon, and you have terrorist activity.  Overall no matter how it’s framed, it’s destruction of property — which means any person reverent of our American forefathers and patriots should view destruction of property as valid protest.  What’s good for the white goose should be good for the black or antifascist gander.  But it is not.

The Revolutionary War, was a violent protest.  One can even argue that white people have NO IDEA how to protest nonviolently; they show up protesting taking down statues with alt-reich fueled KKK torches, and conduct hostile takeovers of remote government buildings with guns in hand.  Looking at the 4th of July — a celebration of a very successful violent protest — and then telling black people that violence is an ineffective protesting tool, is a slap-in-the-face hypocrisy.  It’s another one of those “white lies”.  And we all know that white lies have long replaced white hoods.

Un-American? How?

Black Lives Matter activist, sheds a tear when reporters ask the question “How do you feel” about Philando Castile.

The fact that American resistance to white supremacist paradigms gets demonized goes further when you realize what such protesters are called.  These protesters, are called “Un-American.”

How?  It’s funny because I’ve been in a multitude of nations and I’ve never seen a nation do this.  One doesn’t become, Un-Italian, for example.  There is no such thing as Un-German, or Un-French.  There is no Un-Nigerian or Un-Filipino, but there is a such thing as Un-American.  Why?  How? The fact that no other European nation does this highlights the fact that this Un-American form of othering people is a uniquely American thing.

There’s someone out there calling this woman “Un-American” for standing up for Civil Rights.

It seems that those who are in power in America (white males), simply do not like the notion of empowering others, especially those whom they exploit.  So it’s a great rhetorical device to construct — this “Un-American” thing — to anathematize and otherwise silence those who seek empowerment and an end to various forms of exploitation and oppression.  All of this points to the fact that resistance is a white privilege.

Was Anyone “Free” on Independence Day in the First Place?

One can argue if the people of America ever grasped freedom in the first place.  If white people were dependent on the exploitation of black people, were they ever free?  Were they ever independent?  Breaking from British capitalism and exploitation of others to create your own exploitation of others, should be, objectively speaking, NOT considered independence.

I suppose I’ll enjoy the food and fireworks still and I hope you do too.  I will mostly likely go to the gun range and work on my pistol and sniper rifle shooting before nightfall, however.  America as the reality, still has a lot of work to do.  I have no issue with those who enjoy the 4th of July.  I have a problem with those who think that our independence is already won.  It isn’t.  The good news is the fact that there myself and others who won’t stop until that independence is actually ours.

Just understand that everyone is not free, including those who think they are.  Understand that if you are celebrating the 4th of July, you are celebrating a violent protest where approximately 25,000 Colonial Americans died and approximately 24,000 British Soldiers died. Understand that your American self might be “the British” to your fellow American, if you know what I mean.

Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


  1. My thoughts is that the American people, as a nation, need to take a step back and really look at themselves in a mirror. We have, for better and worse, mostly worse, become the next British Empire. What we rebelled against seems parallel what a lot of protest groups are complaining about, so there’s a point to this post even if I don’t agree with every last detail. The concept of a group like the Black panthers forming a militia of vigilantes of sorts to monitor police officers in case they committed any criminal abuses to the vulnerable is not that far off to why the founding fathers wanted us to have guns. It’s not too unlike the colonists against the redcoats.
    I’m not leftist. Or black. I probably wouldn’t agree with all talking points by the Panthers or BLM, especially since they have many diverse branches with different opinions on certain things. But the things I mentioned specifically, I actually stand with them on, and I wish some of my “fellow” “conservatives” would see how a police state is the “standing army” that the founding fathers were afraid of. We have guns more so to protect us from an abusive police state than we do our houses getting robbed, IMO. To me a militarized police state is almost like if America sent redcoats to invade ITSELF. Although a lot of my friends seem to worship this militarization of the police, I actually find it not only unamerican, but in a classical sense unconstitutional and even unconservative (in the classical sense. I don’t even know what conservative and liberal truly mean anymore, outside of sticking it to the other guy). We’re basically being invaded and conquered by our own elites with this, but they maintain popularity by only attacking parts of America that are too poor or marginalized to have a voice.
    The Revolutionary war wasn’t just about taxes. That was the last straw, a symbol in the economic realms for something worse in other areas. The Revolution was about how the colonists were 2nd class citizens under a police state that the rest of the Empire used as a footstool. The people in Britain proper had more rights and freedom of speech, but they didn’t give us those same rights as a colony. Again, although I wouldn’t take the same angle, this is sort of what is happening to America in it’s own country, although it starts out with minorities or poor people that the rest of Americans are apathetic to.
    Our constant invasions of other countries, and putting down insurgencies against our allies (some of whom deserved some of those insurgencies due to corruption and abuse) has made us sneering Imperialists. The more of an empire we are abroad the less of a republic we are at home.
    Although we would still have a lot of problems, and it wouldn’t get better over night, I think America needs to look in the mirror and inward and back track away from becoming the globalist imperial bullies that we originally rebelled against when we founded this nation. And we haven’t. I don’t know if we ever will. If America becomes like the British Empire, and in many ways it has, it has itself to blame if it has it’s own “colonies” (be they foreign or domestic) rebel against them. This could be Black Lives Matter or it could be any group of people, whatever race, religion, or political orientation, that feels disenfranchised by an apathetic or abusive society that caters to the rich elites and aristocracy, which, for the sake of convenience and efficiency, promotes narcissism and abuse. We have less of an excuse as a nation, we know better. If we as a nation were more fair with everyone, there would be less protests and riots. Even if I am wary of siding with left oriented groups, I know that regardless, if we’re having this many protests, something is wrong. It doesn’t mean I just up and side with every last think the protests say or do, but they aren’t bs-ing us. Something’s wrong, and America has lost it’s dream.
    Americans need to rediscover the spirit of revolution. It’s not about big houses or making millions of dollars. And I don’t necessarily mean like communist revolution, either. But this spirit won’t thrive when some people feel like THEY get to be all rebellious and indignant but they suddenly get offended when somebody else does the same thing.
    I recently had a friend who basically said that I was believing a bunch of propaganda when I told him about police corruption. He said he would only get involved or care if they raised his taxes. I know a lot of people think this is the American way to think, but you can’t sit here and be ok with oppression just as long as they don’t raise your taxes, c’mon man. Even when I pointed out that my sources weren’t far left and that a lot of the victims were white, especially women and children, as soon as I mentioned that racism was a large element in some of it, his eyes glazed over. I hate race baiting or crying wolf, but when something racist actually happens, I take note of it. I don’t have a reputation for pulling the race card or giving people white guilt trips. I really don’t. But even with that reputation established, as soon as I pointed out some proveable racism as an element in the over all picture-not using a bunch of leftist rhetoric, mind you-people still didn’t want to listen.
    I do find it hideous that some of my fellow conservatives, who I’ve known for years and are other wise good people, don’t realize how unfair it is for them to get so bent out of shape about a protest or even a riot that BLM does, but they only seem passively dissappointed when a group of white people do something similar (like you said, take over a government building with guns in hand). But they don’t realize they are coming off this way, and give me the flouride stare when I explain it to them whilest giving them the benefit of the doubt. I don’t really blame either BLM or the white militia for getting mad at their government. Nor do I assume they are perfect saints that deserve all of my blind support. I’m about fairness. I’m concerned that people don’t realize that if they get super pissed off with one but are totally fine or ignorant with the other, well not to sound like an SJW but that is problematic.
    I also find it a problem that when a protest or riot destroys property, they act like it’s this horrible terrorism and that Rome is burning. But when I point out that our militarized police have been caught taking part in human trafficking, child pornography, rape of women and children, shooting dogs needlessly, and having a bunch of questionable or flat out unjustified beatings or killings under their belt, they again give me the flouride stare like I’m lying, I’m crazy, I’m full of shit, it didn’t happen. It’s like when I provide evidence of police corruption and how this should be a conservative’s biggest fear, and they can’t argue, as a defense mechanism their eyes glaze over.
    It’s funny. I might get called a giant liberal by these people, but ironically I judge them by their own words.
    The police state is big government. It taxes us unfairly and stomps on the rights of those under it. It’s unconstitutional. Sadly, people enjoy having it around because by kissing it’s ass they can get it to stomp on them considerably less and then stomp on people they don’t like or care for more, making them live their either racist or just plain psychotic power fantasy through somebody else (like a “toady” being a side kick to the old fashioned play ground bully).
    There’s a saying that Karma will come back and do to you twice as hard what you have done’ to others. Similarly, for those who are religious, it says “the standard you hold others to, you will be held to, and more.” It’s in my best interests that black people have as much ease to purchasing fire arms legally as whites. Although I hear that technically they do, I also hear that technically some of the biggest gun reg laws were passed by Reagan to crack down on Black Panthers holding police accountable. Those laws, as well as actions like the CIA pushing illegal drugs and guns into poorer or minority communities, police and gov working with drug cartels, and war on Drugs being a quagmire that disproportionately targets minorities (even though statistically and proportionately, whites and blacks do the same amount of drugs) are probably what leads to the problems that republicans bitch about incessantly. I mean, if you introduce temptation you’re worse than the actual person falling for it.
    If it helps my white neighbors so much to have guns, so that a) crime supposedly goes down if most people are armed and b)the authorities think twice about abusing people, then that would lead to an economically prosperous society, which would contribute to the over all economy of the nation which would benefit me. But apparently the devil is in the details and some people don’t want everyone to enjoy the same standard of living.

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    1. In the first sentence of the very last paragraph, what I mean’t to say was, if it helps my white neighbors to have guns for reasons a and b, then it should help just as much for my fellow citizens who are black to have the same right. It shouldn’t be undermined by the people complaining about black on black crime or whatever, because some of their policies that are racist against blacks are making that stuff happen, then blaming them for that. But what can you expect from a government that funds ISIS while allying with SAudi Arabia and then blaming all of the rest of the Islamic ME for it?
      The point of the last paragraph (it won’t let me edit) is that there are laws passed that do seem to single out blacks and put things in the way for them to live at the same standard I see expected of whites. Although I am a moralist, to make the point sink in I’ll approach it from a completely selfish point of view (sake of argument). It’s actually in my best interests that there are no complicated laws about access to legal guns that have a way of disproportionately affecting minorities. The same with the whole war on drugs and policies being put into place concerning the police. Even as a completely selfish person, it does not help me one bit these policies. If I complain about crime in the ghetto, then realistically these policies should be my target. If guns help whites create better economies and communities then the same with blacks. If the police don’t see that much of a reason to raid a bunch of white trailers in the country for LSD and Meth, then why the huge hard on for black neighborhoods in the inner cities over heroine and crack?
      I say this not because I’m amoral, but to show that even if I was, it makes no sense. Politicians on the sly passing laws that makes it harder for blacks to legally own firearms and therefore reap all the benefits that pro gunners brag about, or passing drug laws that have a way of disproportionately targeting some people over others? Doesn’t help me. My overall quality of life would be better if everyone had the same chance and our nation’s economy was prosperous for everyone being as educated and well off as possible.
      The problems have to transcend greed. At this point, I don’t think the elites are concerned with money for greed as much as for control .

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  2. Wow! Your article is absolutely spot on! This is probably one of the best, if not the absolute best, piece I have ever read about the hypocrisy of violent protest being “un American”, especially if said protesters are not white males. My wife marched in the womens’ marches this past winter, and was called all sorts of mean things for simply exercising her First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and enjoy free speech. This current federal government and those who support it loathe being called out on their absolute bullshit hypocrisy. Once again, thanks for the perfect article to truly celebrate what the 4th of July should really be about — our continued march toward a more free and equal America for us all. Thank you so much, Johnny. You inspire me, and yes you are a true patriot.

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