Too Many Murderous Cops Go Free

On the 6th of July, 2016, A police officer murdered Philando Castile.  Jeronimo Yanez, the police officer who committed the murder, was acquitted of all charges on the 16th of June, 2017.

Yanez Shooting Castile

The fact that Castile’s murder was video recorded live on Facebook, with clear audio where you can hear this poor man moaning towards his death, didn’t matter.  The child in the back seat, didn’t matter.  The fact that he volunteered information that he is a licensed gun owner, didn’t matter.  A woman driving the car, didn’t matter.  Castile being in the passenger seat, didn’t matter.  Seemingly, the only reason why the family was pulled over, was because someone had, by the cop’s description, a “wide set nose”.

“The victim did everything right, everything he was supposed to do.  The victim was very respectful, very polite, letting the officer know what he was doing.  None of that made a difference.” ~ Paul Butler, law professor, Georgetown University

Darrien Hunt
Darrien Hunt, with family

After so many murders, Oscar Grant, Sandra Bland, Darrien Hunt (the list goes on and keeps building) I cannot say I would ever call police if there’s any issue, whatsoever.  Around the time of this column publishing, a Seattle woman named  Charleena Lyles was — no surprise here — murdered by a police officer.  Charleena Lyles was pregnant, so technically this officer of the law murdered two people at once.  Charleena Lyles was considered a “suspect” to the police, despite the fact that it was she who called the police in the first place to report a possible burglary.

“What is the reason to use such lethal force?  There are many ways to subdue someone without shooting them.  She’s not big.  She’s not intimidating … She called you, and you went to her house and killed her.” ~  said Erneshia Jack, cousin of Lyles.

I really don’t see myself calling police, ever in my life.  If police can murder a person who calls the police, and still evade justice themselves, then one must conclude that police are far more than merely unreliable.  Police function with a grotesque lack of accountability.

All Police Lie

FatFace of innocence
Yanez above, Zimmerman below.

What’s worse is the fact that that even the word of police is unreliable.  Police lie, like, all the time.  Police officers are not above lying their assess off.  The bigger problem in regards to trust is this simple fact:  police can lie to you, but you cannot lie to them.  Police will lie in order to get you to unlock doors that needn’t be opened, search homes or vehicles that shouldn’t be searched, enter homes without warrants.

One can always count a police officer to be, perhaps, a pathological liar.  There are zero repercussions when a police officer fails to tell the truth, even when they take lives.  Police seem to be about 100% self-preservation at all costs.

Check out the photographs to the right.  It is not a coincidence that, Jeronimo Yanez decided to wear glasses he doesn’t use, and used the same pedophilic, “I’m soft and innocent” chubby-baby face shaved look that George Zimmerman used years ago to get away with the murder of Trayvon Martin.  The purpose of this look is to make the police officer — you know, the guy who usually speaks in an imposing alpha male, show-of-force manner — look boyish, babyish, non-imposing, like a squishy geek.  And this is supposed to be a cop, for crying out loud.  Trust me when I tell you that this “exaggerated pedophilic” look these murderous cops show in court is deliberate.  They attempt to shave off that control-freak, quasi-militant imposing disposition.  Well I’m not fooled.  I won’t be calling cops. Ever.

Of course, just like Zimmerman, Yanez sports a military-short hairstyle normally.  But overall yes, everything about a police officer after these killings is a lie.  What they say, their appearance in court, all of it is a lie.

It’s also strange how you always “fit the description” of a robbery suspect, and you know that’s a lie, because of that robbery suspect really existed, a police officer would have a high interest in not wasting their time on the WRONG person.  Shouldn’t you be looking for the genuine criminal, instead of stopping and harassing me?  I remember the time a cop stopped my car on the interstate.  He said that he received a call that this car was smoking marijuana.  I asked him wasn’t it against the law to use your cellphone while driving, since that’s the only way someone can call this car in.  He had no answers.  He had no answers because he lied, and it’s perfectly legal for police officers to be grotesquely dishonest.  Why call in a police force that not only fails to protect, based on your race, but is also radically dishonest?

“I had reason to fear for my life”

“I had reason to fear for my life.” ~ Any cop of a white supremacist society

And what’s up with this fear thing?  How can so many people seek employment in a profession that has them engaging in so much fear?  With all these police officers in so much fear, one would think that a person would decide on another job or profession.  Would it make sense for a hydrophobic person to be a lifeguard?  Would you be a bee-keeper if you were afraid of bee stings?

Afrophobia is real.  Afrophobia is the irrational fear of black people, and honestly, this concept has not been looked into enough.  No matter what, a black person — by white society’s standards — is deemed dangerous no matter what.  I cannot fathom the mind of a white supremacy-indoctrinated police officer, or white society that allows such murders and lynchings.  In the murder of Darrien Hunt, police officers and white people had to be sold that a Samurai cosplaying young man was bound to attack police, unprovoked, for no reason, with an imitation sword.  If anyone knows anything about swords (and cosplaying), one would know that a fake sword would absolutely break in compact.  In the murder of Charleena Lyles, the police and white society are sold on the notion that a black woman was seeking to kill a police officer, despite the fact that she called the police in the first place.

In a white supremacist nation, white people, thus cops, act like every black person, ranging from 8 years old to old age, are trained as CIA assassins like Jason Bourne.  How someone who is legally tasked to enforce law, armed with a handgun, is allowed to have this irrational fear of black people — Afrophobia — is categorically absurd.

45,300,000 people — the total population of blacks in America — are not ultra-deadly Jason-Bourne level covert-ops assassins.  The majority of black people in America, on top of having to worry about the proven threat of white terrorism, have the same fears and worries as everyone else.  Because America decided that a police officer’s life, a public “servant”, is more important than any life of someone who is black, I cannot see myself calling police.  For anything.  Ever.  Being a police officer is a choice of profession; being black is not.  Even doing what the police tell you to do, can get you killed if you are black.  Seemingly, the only thing a black person can do to save themselves is commit suicide immediately, just so the cop doesn’t do it first.

Being from D.C., I remember those long summers when I had cousins visiting from country.  I remember that time when my cousin was afraid to play outside.  Now, I cannot fathom how a white person conceptualizes our neighborhoods in their white supremacist minds.  While the scared cousin eventually learns that their fear of the city outdoors was nonsensical, a white person with no exposure to our living places never cures this irrational fear.  Looking at this irrational fear again, one has to point out that the locations at which we live are not warzones.  Yet, because white people are telling the story (and they are totally comfortable with such lies) police are lead to believe that they are entering warzones when they arrive in our streets.  Police, along side of white people as a collective, are lead to believe that our neighborhoods are just as volatile as an active warzone.

A Culture of Racism Against Afro-Americans

One of the most spectacular thing about racism in within any American police force, is how uniform their racism is.  It would make sense if the murderous, lynch-happy racism from police officers were specific to one precinct or region.  The “Bible Belt” South portion of the United States is infamous for their history of racial violence and terrorism.  The problem of American police racial terror is unfortunately not a regional issue.  The problem with police racial terror is well across the entire United States.  This includes not just locations far away like Hawaii or Alaska, but also places where black people have significant local political positions, such as Baltimore, Maryland (Freddie Gray).

The reason why this racially selective state sanctioned violence exist, and is ultimately allowed to continue, is because the entire United States is Afrophobic.  The entire United States, has an immense disdain, fear, and/or hatred for Afro-American people.  From there, police attitudes are only going to be just as good as the majority cultural stockholder, and that’s white people.  There is a large collective of white people who wish to maintain, and ultimately strengthen white privilege, and this group controls vast portions of government and media, so this isn’t going to change any time soon.

Police work isn’t that dangerous

People are highly reluctant to shoot or kill police officers.  No matter who you are, it’s a thing that just doesn’t seem right.  Because of such, these fears cops have are bullshit. “I have reason to fear for my life” is bullshit.  The job of a police officer is not that dangerous.  Police officers are not showing up left and right getting killed.  If anything, if you were to find someone maimed or mutilated, or in a wheelchair because of “violence on duty”, It’s going to be a Soldier or Marine who served in Iraq or Afghanistan, not a police officer in Baltimore or or Los Angeles.  And Soldiers and Marines are held more accountable for their actions in foreign lands than police officers are in our own neighborhoods.

Police work, outside of SWAT teams, is not that dangerous to warrant this incredible leeway they have to inflict murder.

Overall, I cannot see myself ever calling the cops.  Ambulance?  Sure.  Fire Department?  Absolutely.  Cops?  Not in this lifetime.  My skin is too dark to call the police.

Photo Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


  1. It’s unfortunate that what you’ve written is true in spite of the stories online about the unseen, unreported kindnesses police show. Since “Officer Friendly” left the classrooms, the existence of one has been as invisible as the infamous needle in a haystack.


  2. Preach! I’m going to start using the term Aphrophobia. It names the real problem. “I feared for my life” is the coded dogwhistle.

    Here in Cincinnati, we just had the second hung jury in the murder of Sam DuBose by policeman Ray Tensing. Indisputable frame-by-frame evidence from Tensing’s own body camera could not overcome the “I feared for my life” defense and the defense attorney playing to the racism and aphrophobia of the primarily white jurors. (I now call this playing the race card.)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. ” Police officers are not above lying their asses off. ” It’s worse than that. Lying is a requirement of the job. They *must* lie to the public routinely, as part of their jobs. Meanwhile, if we lie to them, it’s a criminal offense. This double standard is the foundation for everything else wrong with the police system IMHO.

    Liked by 1 person

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