On this episode of #JohnnyLive I speak on this infinitely heard expression from toxic white liberals: “I need to remember, not all whites…”

“The majority of toxic white allies are unsurprisingly, white toxic liberals.  And here’s why: Your motivation doesn’t come from wanting to dismantle systemic racism and oppression, it comes from the still-white supremacist desire to be better than other whites.” ~ Johnny Silvercloud, on White Allies (White Assets)

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Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


  1. As an old white codger, i know that you’ve got it right. The whole is what matters, not individual excuses. People need to look reality in the eye instead of pretending that they are exceptions. Who gives a s— if you’re a “good white” or a “bad white?” All that matters is your responsibility for what all whites have done.


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