Dear White People: I’m Not Looking For Your Apologies After Years of Torment.


Reflections on Reflections

February 21st, 2017, I wrote an article reflecting on how so many white people tormented us, and this torment still exists.  Through these civil rights photos, you can see them threatening us. Beating us. Humiliating us.  Lynching us. Burning us. Doing their barbaric, violent most just because they fear how we tell the truth about this society we share, this society they govern.  Just because we announce our humanity in the face of persistent demonization dealt by whites.  Many people commented disappointment that my column didn’t serve to oust those yelling, angry racist whites suppressing black thought.  Being that I concluded that these people still exist in spirit today, perhaps there would be satisfaction found in this column.

These angry, yelling bigots still exist in the spirit of regular, common white people who think “they are not racist”.

Needless to say, this article sparked a lot of discussion and debate.  Many people — of all colors — have joined discussion on the matter.  While most were reflective on the issue of racism and oppression (which is my ultimate intent), there was a few who sought to silence me on the matter.

The commenting section of these articles exist not for me, but for everyone else who reads and observes the site.  Generally speaking, I don’t normally comment in my own comment sections.  I think it’s fair to allow the public to discuss the column with minimal supervision or interaction.  For the record I do read every single comment written.  People are totally allowed to support or oppose my stance.

Things get a bit different when someone attempts to attack me in through Facebook messaging.  You see, I find a serious problem with how people try to abuse and suppress people of color through private messaging services.  There’s a difference between talking to a writer through an open commenting section of the column versus abusing that said writer in private.  In the commenting section a person can be held accountable by others; there’s an audience with varying degrees of intelligence and rational thought.  In a private message, it’s just a yelling contest.  There’s no accountability unless the public can observe.

The irony is not lost on the fact that this all stemmed from me commenting on a Civil Rights photo with a white woman yelling at a black person.  Here we have again, like clockwork, a white woman yelling at a black person.  The irony becomes even more bitter to the bite when you realize that Courtney Sparks Massery is the granddaughter (married into the family) of Hazel Bryan Massery — the white bigot in the photo yelling at a black teenager.  So it seems that the white supremacist apple doesn’t fall too far from the white supremacist tree.

As I said before, nothing has changed.

Being that white supremacists always preferred hoods and masks, nothing really has changed.  Instead of preferring white hoods, they now prefer white lies.  The white, Ku Klux Klan hood, while still existing in reality, has long been abandoned for a metaphorical one: double-speak, coded language, deflections and transference in discussion.  The empty claims of colorblindness while still acknowledging and observing color differences.  The tone policing.  The clinging relationship to ancient symbolic relics of a racist past, all while denying racism modern day.  This blatant dishonesty towards the state of nonwhites in America, serves as a new and improved white hood or mask to shield responsibility and accountability of the State of race relations.  ~ Johnny Silvercloud, 21 Feb 2017

While I could tear apart this deranged, white fragility drenched woman’s emotionally abusive comment piece by piece, I really want to bring attention to the intellectually dishonest “apology” she presented in the most passive-aggressive way.

Before we begin, I want to show this photo again:

If conservative media existed back then, we would still live under Jim Crow law.

Notice anything different in the photo on the left?  Does this photo still makes sense?

Readers may recognize this bigoted yelling white woman as Tomi Lahren.  Yes, someone was courteous to place her face into this infamous scene, and it all still makes sense.

The reason why I bring this photograph to the table is to illustrate the reality we live in.  Tomi Lahren is a woman who is PAID (handsomely) to yell at black people.  My conclusion to what ever happened to these old bigots, is the fact that they live through these new and improved white supremacy agents.  Some get paid to yell at socio-politically aware black people.  Most yell at socio-politically aware black people for free, just like Courtney did.

In the original photograph, the white woman was Hazel Bryan Massery, and the word out on the internet is that she has long apologized for her white supremacist behavior towards Elizabeth Eckford, the black woman in the photo.  Courtney, her daughter, figures that this is very important and should move my overall critique.

Let’s engage in critical thinking here.

White people, please understand this fact — I don’t want an apology after 50-70 years of you tormenting us racially.  I want you to stop being racist right now.

Let’s look at Tomi Lahren again — a white woman who is paid handsomely as a white supremacy propagandist, who exists only to yell at numerous black people who are fighting for basic humanity and civil rights in America.  She exist only to normalize blatant racism in America.  I want people to think for a moment how immensely difficult such people make it for people of color and other minorities such as the LGBT community.  You might not know it, but many minorities hold back tears when they see her type, screaming at them.

Should black abolitionists today accept an apology from Tomi Lahren in 2077, when she’s old and feeble?

With many bigoted whites of the yesteryear lying on their deathbeds, confessing, apologizing, do you think I would give a damn if Tomi Lahren, now 24 years old by the time of this publishing, apologizes in old age, on her deathbed, in the year 2077?  Tomi Lahren would be 85 years old on that year; I would be 96.  Even if I cared, I might not live long enough to see that mess.  I want her and her ilk to STOP BEING RACIST NOW, not later.

You have to be out of your mind if you think I give a damn about your apology.  The notion that a white person, in the name of white supremacy, can practically spend their better years terrorizing black people into post-traumatic stress disorder, silence us through law and violence, kill us, lynch us, anathematize us fighting for our rights can infinitely expect forgiveness with they are knocking on death’s door, is sickening.

It’s a despicable white privilege flex to think you can control a black person — black people in general — by gaslighting them, forcing a forgiveness bug on them.  White people, I’m letting you know that I don’t have this forgiveness bug that you think is genetic in all black people.

Let’s put this in a way you can understand: White people, would you accept an apology from a decrepit ISIS or Al Qaeda member 40-50 years from now?  After years spent dedicated to terrorism?

Why on earth would I give a damn about a weak ass apology, when you spent the majority of your life either ignorant and implicitly involved in subtracting from people of color, or explicitly engaged in the overt support of suppressing, oppressing and persecuting black people?  Apology?  Are you serious?

This is Facebook message on the right belongs to Miranda Miller, another white woman who feels drunk on white supremacy.  A while back ago, this bigoted woman felt the urge to litter my inbox with a racist tirade.

I find it interesting that white women think they hold some power over a black man.  What makes these white women feel that they could berate a black person with impunity?  This is what white supremacy on a private level looks like.  I can only imagine how she speaks of black people in the company of white people she feels is on board with here degree of racism.

I never spoke on this one, but being that these comments are starting to accumulate, I just had to bring another one into public view.  Why don a KKK hood when you can emotionally torment Afro-Americans with the distance of the internet?  I’ve said it a while back, that black people are in an abusive relationship with white America.  Imagine dealing with this all your life.  Imagine the majority of an entire society raining down upon you for simply existing.  Imagine being the designated boogeyman of your nation, and white people like this think they are just in doing what they are doing.  Keep in mind that people like Courtney and Miranda, do these things for free.

This is why I speak.

Dear white people: I want you to let all of your racist, sociologically abusive friends know that if they ever get the notion to fuck with me. . . don’t.