Am I racist for tipping black baggers more?

Baggers who work at the commissaries on military bases do not make an hourly wage or a salary; they get paid by the tips of customers who are not obligated to leave a tip.  My standard for tipping is $2 if I can carry the bags myself and $5 if I need assistance to the car.  But, when I can carry the bags myself I tip Black baggers $5 and everyone else $2.  Although, the Black bagger could be a shitty employee and gets $5 just because of their skin color while a white or any other person of color can be an awesome employee who deserves a $5 tip and only gets $2 just because they’re not Black.

In a perfect world everyone should get $5 tips, but due to the oppression of Black people that continues in America, I feel passionate to support my people more. Black people needing to do more for ourselves without being racist is a right that white people caused us to have because of the history of slavery, and Jim Crow era, and police brutality that still plagues the Black race today.  American history is why a Black person raising their fist is empowerment and a white person raising their fist is white supremacy and racist.

Watch the documentary 13th on Netflix, and you will have a better understanding why it is important for Black people to support each other more than others.

    Statistics show that white men make more money in America than Black men, In fact, in 2008 black men earned only 71% of what white men earned.  The median hourly wage for black male full-time workers was $14.90; for comparable white workers, it was $20.84.

Some people think that tipping Black baggers more is “reverse racism” and that I’m continuing racial inequality.  This is incorrect; I am creating racial equality by ensuring that I do for my people what I know some white individuals and other people of color other than Black will not do for Black people.

Sure, there may be a few random white people who tip a Black bagger $10, $20, or more, but do they do it out of love for Black people?  I feel like white people who tip people of color do it because they’re either generous, wealthy, or both.  I’m generous and wealthy, but I tip the Black bagger higher because I believe there is a possibility in America that a Black bagger receives a lesser tip or no tip at all because they’re Black.

Imagine if every Black shopper tipped Black baggers with an absolute tip for being Black. Imagine if every Black bagger could get excited when they see a Black customer in their line because they know they will receive a $5 tip, or $10, or more.  That is empowering our people to see Black people excited to receive and spend on other Black people.

AfroSapio (1)
We should support each other in times of injustice and inequality.

Well, what if every white bagger felt reluctant to serve Black customers because they knew that they would get a lesser tip just for being white.  But, there are many more white people in America, so if white people tip white baggers out of love for their race, then white baggers wouldn’t be affected by Black customers at all.  If everyone supports their race and not deliberately oppress and destroy other races’ businesses *cough cough* then we could live peacefully amongst each other much better.  The Black dollar is powerful, the white dollar is powerful, the Asian dollar is powerful, the Hispanic dollar is powerful, and there is no greater power than to invest in yourselves, which is why it is important for Black people to buy Black and serve Black.

Contributing Writer: Cameron Armstrong
You can read more of Cameron Armstrong, here. 
Photography Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

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