Look, I don’t approve of cultural marxism, ok?  I don’t like it.  Nor do I sit here and think everything the left says is ok. But I think I know why there’s such an increase in police brutality and racism lately.

This is a race war being fought primarily by white “christians” and “conservatives”. You’re getting revenge on black people and people considered liberals for bucking up to you.  And although I do not like everything that they have said and done, you’re proving that YOU yourselves are the people who are fascist murderers and crooks who deserve to be rebelled against.  You prove that you are the entitled narcissistic psychopaths, the rapist minded armed white thugs that the rest of the world has come to fear.

You prove everything said against you.

This is about getting revenge on black people and the people liberals claim to care about.  This is about waging a slow, genocidal war on black people.  Is it because of abortion or crime?  No; that’s your excuse.  That’s the excuse that you secretly push in their communities to destabilize them and give you an excuse to hurt them.

Basically this is what we see in foreign policy; out of all the allies we have that commit rape and murder via sharia law or a brutal monarchy, we suddenly have problems with a secular nation that just so happens to have oil or something-that’s guilty of 1/10th of what our allies do.  Something that others around them have been doing for years, and suddenly we’re all offended?

And then terrorists show up.  They somehow get access to the most high tech nation in the world, us, and hit us so hard even though there was just a bunch of propaganda talking about how ruthlessly competent the CIA was, and it just conveniently happens that we get attacked, especially when the guy who owns the buildings makes a fortune and all the Jews at that spot are told to evacuate.  And then we go to war with some country that we even admit had nothing to do with it.

And then you fund terrorists to attack innocent civilians, moderate Muslims and Arab-christians that we claim to be protecting are slaughtered in droves by the mercenaries we created, mercenaries who are suspiciously caught doing very un Muslim things, whose main victims seem to be Muslims in said secular nations that we hate so much.  If they successfully launch an attack in Europe, it was usually a country that was about to support Palestine.  If some country seeks to fight ISIS, well they get ambiguous death threats from America and Israel.

And when American soldiers, yeah ya know the ones you glorify with ham-fisted propaganda movies and over the top country music singles when they’re going to war, but when they come back they are secretly oppressed by the police, put on waiting lists at the VA to fucking die, singled out as potential terrorists and have their promised, earned, and life saving medical and educational/pay benefits just so a bunch of republican senators can save money?  I’m not joking look it up.  Surprisingly, a good chunk of the people cutting vet benefits comes from the right wing.  Convenient they had a black liberal they accused of being Muslim to take the fall for dark things done by an area usually dominated by conservatives (military).  I mean when were democrats good at creating proxy armies?  When were democrats much good at anything with the military?  You think Obama is doing this cuz he’s a Muslim when he basically stands for everything Muslims would hate, and probably killed more Muslims than Bush?  WTF people, he could be four times as much as a warhawk as you guys are and you’d hate him, blaming every republican thing he did on being a democrat, yet at the same time saying he didn’t do it enough.

Yeah.  I’m saying that the people who pushed illegal guns, drugs, abortion, destruction to the family unit are ultimately the same people who use those things in their sermons, books, and speeches to get white people to hate minorities.  I’m saying that a lot of those things that most conservatives claim to hate-the people who initially pushed those destructive things into the black community are some of the very cons who use that against them.

Like your father, the Devil, you tempt people to sin so you can punish them.  Then you have the audacity to call yourselves the party of christian values and personal responsibility after that mess?

We know that the people who wanted to push abortion into black communities were the racist christians of the South, and former right wing nazis.  We know that most of the people who pushed guns and drugs are the same “right wingers” who pushed hard for a drug war openly to be so righteous (Nixon, Reagan Administration-even if I have some respect for Reagan).  This was done so they could wage war on black people at home while waging war with the use of terrorists in 3rd world countries that may have resources they want.

Sound familiar?

Point is, this is aimed at the actual racists, but it’s also aimed at those who are subconsciously fascist or racist.

The evils that I speak of, that you pin on the left, the left are a bunch of easily led astray mad dogs who don’t even know what they’re doing half the time.  What is done to them THROUGH the left and perpetuated on themselves originated with establishment racists, and even if they were the democratic party back then, you know the democratic party back then were the ultra conservatives, and often unconstitutional southerners who committed treason and the only reason why they bucked up against the federal government was because they wanted to be local kings.

Some of you people are the fucks I defended from liberals and told liberals to STFU.  Now, I’m not up and joining the democratic party, but I am kind of saying “fuck you’ for your betrayal.  Compared to you, the democrats are a bunch of children throwing a temper tantrum on the street and ultimately hurting themselves, mostly.  If they do hurt us or somebody else, well outside of abortion the vast majority of it is property damage and damage to our over blown egos and over sensitive entitled asses what we refuse to acknowledge are just as socialist and political correct as theirs is.

So, this is YOU getting right wing national socialist revenge.  This is you getting revenge on the left, not for actually hurting you, but for standing up to you.  This is you getting even with the left for calling you KKK and Nazis-by being KKK and Nazis.  Somebody from the establishment infiltrated blacks and told them to scream for a race war.  A race war you already had plans for but wanted “them” to start.

And you Christians have already started the race war. Planned Parenthood, welfare socialism, and the destruction of their communities are all ultimately done by you, even if you opted to do them through the left (they’ll get theirs-that’s why you’re killing them because they were your proxy, same with other proxies).  But now that they are weak and abhorred, now that paid protesters and even agent provocateurs that are the police have turned many of their protests into riots and hijacked grass roots movements to promote some nihilistic extreme bullshit with 3rd wave feminism, now you finally have the catalyst to turn Americans into Nazis the same way you had in Germany.

But YOU are less innocent.

I know that the police are nothing more than the true face of the republican party, and what they are doing to the people that you hate is what you are doing.

I don’t even like or love most black people, to be honest.  We don’t get along, and although I think what’s being done to them is wrong they still do things I don’t approve of.  AT.  ALL.  They’ve already been stated.  I just called out you for putting the stumbling block in their path.  I’m not Black America’s friend, if you get what I’m saying.  Nor am I someone who went to the middle east and was enraptured by their culture.

I’m a Army veteran who was raised Christian and usually leans conservative, who realizes you don’t practice what you preach.  I realize that you, the same people who sent us kids to war are the same ones cutting our promised benefits and putting us on the terror list or no treat death list, as you line your own pockets and use our tax dollars to fund Israel.  And I’m a college student, using my GI Bill, but furious that my own fellow young Americans are told to go fuck themselves for asking for affordable and reasonable health care, minimum wage, and college tuition, and are done so by a generation that not only had more affordable med care, tuition, and higher minimum wage, but also opted to send so much of our taxes to NeoNazi Israel, who funds ISIS, probably with our tax dollars… and gets free healthcare and education with our tax dollars.  But you call us idiots for wanting a better minimum wage, when you’re irresponsible spending and illegal wars got us into this mess.  My God how has God not ripped your balls, lungs, and tonsils out and shoved them up your goochie?  How has he not sent an army of orangutans to rape your ass repeatedly until it’s jello?  Huh?  Answer me that, reptile.

I cannot express my hate at your narcissistic worthlessness because my mouth is still agape at the last little treasure of info I dug up on researching you, that gem of narcissism.  Each time I dig up a huge gold nugget of your horrifically narcissistic bullshit I sit with my mouth agape, and the proportion ratio between shock and outrage leans ever to the latter as I go on, becoming so jaded with evil that I no longer find it surprising.  Oh but don’t worry, you still got it.  I still raise my eyebrows at the insanity of it, and how you got away with it.  How you haven’t gotten caught in your own web.  I wish more conservatives and republicans saw you the way I see you the way you really are.

You have to work to be that much of a shitty person, and I am grimly amazed at how horrifying you continue to devolve to be.

Contributor: ACEnBEAKY

Photography Credit: Johnny Silvercloud


  1. I have a question I’d like to post here. Just to preface I am white and so is my 8 year old son. The other day he asked me why saying “all lives matter” is considered racist. He’s a deep thinking kid but he caught me by surprise a little with this one. Obviously an 8 year old needs things simplified to a degree. I told him that while the phrase “all lives matter” is in and of itself a true statement, when used to answer the black lives matter movement it is hijacking the protest. I put it this way. The #blacklivesmatter protesters aren’t saying only black lives matter they are saying black lives ALSO matter. They aren’t saying other lives don’t matter they are saying they feel like black lives aren’t being given the same value as the lives of other races. So by saying all lives matter you are ignoring the message the protesters are trying to send and telling them they only care about themselves. That’s not the message they are trying to send. I want to raise my son to be the best human being he can be and I’m wondering if I did a good job explaining a complex situation to him. I’m not really looking for a pat on the back here, I really just want to know if there are any points I missed or if there might be a better way to explain this to him.


  2. I’m glad to see someone call out their own. I would like to see more of this on both the right and left.


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