On this episode of #TreacherousTuesdays I break word on Dr. Umar Johnson and General Seti’s internet beef. In looking at these “black conscious entertainment media” types I also reflect on myself.  There men are an example of what NOT to be in regards to this Civil Rights 2.0 era.  Join me as I look at them, and look at myself.

One of the more painful realizations is the fact that these black conscious entertainment media types have largely hi-jacked the total identity of what it means to be Afrocentric.  The residual image of the Afrocentrist is one that depicts a sometimes dashiki wearing, black man who frequently parrots grossly over-exaggerated conspiracy theories, engages in false sciences (i.e., thinking black women didn’t have periods before white colonialism), false anthropologies, and even false etymology of words!  They normally accuse black women of everything wrong in the black community.

This ignorance quickly metastasized all throughout the black community, spreading like gangrene.  I despise the fact that the term “hotep” has been hijacked by these types, to the point that it’s now a derogatory term.  Many people may confuse my defense of the concept of hotep with defense of the fool.  I hope that this episode clear things up…  I never defend the fool. ~ Johnny Silvercloud

“General” Sara Seti on the left, Dr. Umar Johnson on the right.

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Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


  1. Thanks for sharing. I have many thoughts of the “Afrocentric” community and share many of your sentiments. I do think people like Dr. Umar represent what not to be in the Afrocentric community and is an example of a black leader who preys on misguided and uninformed black youth by luring them into “deep” and “intelligent” information that is filled with misogyny, homophobia, and wild theories. Afrocentrism at its best really challenges the euro-centrism that has corrupted the minds of people for centuries. It is a powerful weapon against the mis-education of black people. At its worst it reinforces the black misogyny, patriarchy, and homophobia that impacts many black men.


  2. I have mixed feelings about the article. I believe they capitalize on the situation and I also believe a good amount of the information is valid. I do not blame all the problems on black women, but I do think white society created a matriarch culture for African Americans. The existence of the mammy explains it.


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