Many of my white friends have become Radicalized

What do white people got to be so angry about? ~ Chris Rock

A while back ago I spoke in great pain on how I’m losing friends fighting racism.  I talked about how one can have friends (white) who will invite you (black person) to a Christmas dinner, but will engage in vehicular manslaughter when it comes to Black Lives Matter protesters.  What I didn’t really discuss was this radicalization process among the white community in America which makes such violent ideas possible.

Radicalization?  You probably never really took a look at it. You’re probably wondering what am I talking about.  Radicalization?  What radicalization?

Radicalization of the White American


To the left is a photograph I took of a white woman, bowing down to Donald Trump during the Tucson Trump rally in March 2016.

The put this into perspective, I do a lot of political/protest rallies as a street photographer.  Out of the thousands of photos I’ve ever taken, I never seen anything like this in a political rally before in my life.  The crazy thing about this photo is the fact that it was difficult to get anything like this.  You see, the photography is tightly controlled in a Trump rally.  They are NOT media friendly.  The bigger take away here is the fact that this is is categorically odd to capture at a political rally.

As Donald Trump continued to validate the claims of white supremacists, Americanized Nazis, and other racists, I always think of this photo.  When Richard Spencer held an Americanized Nazi rally in Washington D.C. and mainstream (whitestream?) media attempted to romanticize the alt-right, I thought of this photo.

I think of this photo a lot.  As a black abolitionist, I never really stop to think about what does white supremacist ideologies and propaganda feels like to a white person.  When it comes to that question this photo says plenty.

The structure and ideologies of white supremacy must be very comfortable.  I would imagine that it feels good to know that you are infinitely above suspicion when it comes to any form of social deviance, including crime.  It probably feels soothing to know that no matter what, a white person will NEVER have to answer for the behavior of other whites.  I’ll go as far as suggesting that white people may get a sad level of satisfaction in hearing non-white people talk, discuss, protest all these things that nonwhites suffer from due to white supremacy.  To hear that for example, people in Africa and Asia engage in skin bleaching to look like you — the white person — may be the source of a sick level of pride.  Yes, we never think of it as people of color.  But the notion that people in Asia actually go through elective surgery and cut their eyes open to look more white probably fuels a cold-blooded smirk of satisfaction inside of many white people as a whole.


Sure, to a black person this level of pride is sick and disgusting.  But to a white person, all of this — white supremacy, white privilege, white defaultness — is simply, the way.  All of this is simply the way things are.  While these things are largely invisible in (white) American society, these things are in fact known and understood.

Being that these things are understood by white America, imagine if a person comes by who promise to practically, maintain and rejuvenate white supremacy?  What happens when you have websites dedicated to taking the job of J. Edger Hoover, slandering those who are oppressed?  What happens when you have mainstream media forever anglicizing  white criminals, all while demonizing black victims of crime?  What happens when the government who remained callous to minority drug offenders began softening up laws when heroin strikes white neighborhoods?  What happens when whites are allowed to have guns, but nonwhites are not?

What takes place is a caste system within a society.  Currently, America is NOT one reality for all.  You cannot argue that we live in an equal society if a police officer can murder me and attempt to place false evidence by my body, and not be convicted.

White Radicalization is a Reality

With an intricate collective of white supremacist websites, blogs, message board forums and conservative pundits, glued together with conspiracy theories and disinformation campaigns (which guides stupid whites into kinetic action), we are now facing a moment in modern history where white people are now becoming radicalized into white supremacy at an alarming rate.  Where a man named Barry Goldwater campaigned as a blatant white supremacist and failed, Donald Trump did the same and succeeded.  Nazis think they can wear suits and nice haircuts and do Nazi salutes downtown Washington D.C.

Some of the friends I’ve lost, the white ones, now dance with the devil when it comes to the white radicalization process.  I’ve noticed this when Obama was in office.  One white male I’ve known for the Army years had a friend call me an Obama lover, which contextually sounds like nigger lover.   Honestly, the guy is so stupid it’s not a serious loss. Other white friends ROUTINELY share racist, bigoted propaganda on social media, with them actually taking refuge in racism, saying things with a false sense of shielding sarcasm, like:

“…but that would make me racist huh?”

“I’m gonna have to be racist…”

“….race baiting…”

If you were to look at the social media accounts of these radicalized white men, you’d think that American police forces are infallible, devoid of corruption — but federal (non-conservative) politicians are full of lies and deception.  The list could go on.

Years ago, I wrote this one column I called the Four Fears.  The Four Fears were a set of fears I believe what drives white anxiety concerning white privilege and race relations as a whole.  At the end of this old column I stated that whites will either realize that diversity isn’t a bad thing and we are all the same regardless, or they will radicalize and fight tooth and nail to maintain white privilege and restore white supremacy.  I fear we are now looking at the latter.

America will talk all day about radical Islam and radical black speakers and writers.  No one ever thinks to talk about white radicalization, which is a unique danger we’ve seen on this planet before.

Anyway, I do believe that there should be a discussion on this white radicalization process taking place.  That conversation will have to be brutally honest.  If this discussion doesn’t take place, feel free to catch up on fascism, because it’s what follows next.

 Photography Credit: Johnny Silvercloud

Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


  1. I have a feeling that the shrinking middle class has a lot to do with it. Because honestly who cares what others think if you are living it up. But white america has been tightening its belt and that breeds fear and fear breeds hate. Im white and i also have lived outside the u.s. for a time. When i first moved someone explained living in another culture and trying to understand it as being born with yellow glasses, moving somewhere where people were born with blue glasses and saying “i finally understand the world is green!” We can try to understand and some of us get opportunities to see from a different perspective but you can’t take off the glasses you were born with, you dont even know they are there. That is why white people get so upset. They dont see the impact of their privilege and they don’t feel priviledged. How could they understand? And i only see things as green… So how could i?

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  2. To listen to white people blame Barack Obama for racism (“but I have black friends”) is so sick and disgusting that if there was an Academy Award for Hypocrisy, they would win the award. Barack Obama DID NOT CREATE WHITE RACISM. His election as our first black president, brought it out of the shadows for all to see.

    If your flashlight exposes cockroaches in the closet, don’t blame the flashlight.

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    1. Humans not realizing they are racist (and a lot of other beliefs taking up space in our brains without our conscious consent) is a widespread condition. If one takes some time to examine information available about largely unconscious racism online, including information about how best to conduct yourself as a white ally, it is very likely to increase your awareness in this area. It becomes rather important to try to avoid slamming this door shut when you begin to feel uncomfortable. It is a natural reaction but shouldn’t be seen as “being brainwashed”. It is becoming less brainwashed. As a young adult female in the 70’s during the women’s movement, I really should be more aware of our unconscious conditioning. When I was 16 my own family began turning “rainbow” and since my mother had quietly encouraged my sister’s and I to not be racist I had no trouble embracing all family members with love. That doesn’t mean I’m free of buried assumptions absorbed from my early youth on. We all grew up in a culture that isn’t (always) racist on the surface. This deeply ingrained conditioning makes it difficult to really see those assumptions at work around us in our culture. Unless you have made a conscious decision that you want to acquire that awareness, your brain will automatically reject that interpretation of events around you. I’ll stop and apologize. This sort of information shouldn’t really be “shoved” on someone who hasn’t specifically requested it. My only excuse is that this and “unconscious brain activity” in general is both fascinating and horrifying to me.


  3. I was sent here by a (fast becoming ex) feminist friend of mine who was trying to make me understand the far left argument. I am struggling to remember the last time I read so much hate and mis-information in a single article. It is the usual set yourself up as a a victim, take the moral high ground with lies and fabrications and then go at it. I could spend the whole day picking apart this garbage, but a few favourite bits of mine:

    Your title picture is of Matt Damon I believe? Yup, the same person who voted for Hilary Clinton and has been outspoken about his mistrust of Donald Trump. Oh, but he’s white, so although he voted the same as me he is still a supremacist. You could have found someone wearing a confederate flag or something couldn’t you? Of course what that particular white man thinks matters not to you – you are making the point that all whites are inherently evil.

    “I would imagine that it feels good to know that you are infinitely above suspicion when it comes to any form of social deviance, including crime.” Are you actually serious? You think if I go hold up a gas station I’m not getting myself arrested? What planet are you on!? You think if I go beat someone up in the street I won’t get put in jail?

    “But the notion that people in Asia actually go through elective surgery and cut their eyes open to look more white probably fuels a cold-blooded smirk of satisfaction inside of many white people as a whole.” Right, so because people around the world are cutting their eyes open that is my fault? What about the butchery of young girls in black culture by female genital mutilation? Why don’t you talk about that? Doesn’t support your righteous argument hey that evil is a white only domain.

    “Anyway, I do believe that there should be a discussion on this white radicalization process taking place.” No you don’t. Yourself and people like you don’t want any discussion at all. Look at the left rioting in order to oppress free speech. Look at what happened at Berkeley just recently. People like you say end oppression, free speech and love for all, and then you oppress and limit free speech if it doesn’t adhere to your narrow minded and bigoted viewpoints. The irony is so glaring that it amazes me you don’t get the comparisons!

    It saddens me that in a time where the civil rights movement has made such enormous gains people like you seek to further divide and split us. You associate as a black abolitionist as an attempt to strengthen your sense of moral entitlement. You want to say hey white boy, what do you know about slavery and oppression? You’re not a slave. Well neither are you, and neither is anyone in your lifetime. You’re talking about something that happened centuries ago as if it is somehow proving something. But hey, you haven’t turned into some hot shot photographer or journalist, so it must be the white mans fault. It must be oppression.

    You sign yourself off as

    “I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought — especially black folks.”

    Here you show your true colours so magnificently. So what do you want? Equality for everyone, or for blacks to have more of a right to something? The fact you are able to freely distribute your garbage suggests that there is no suppression of black writers or photographers going on. Show me where the oppression is and I will agree with you, but you have nothing. None of you and your sheep do. The same tired lines backed up with no facts and a good dose of moral outrage to anyone such as myself who goes against your mud slinging.

    You know, the far left and the far right are equally detestable. Both riot and beat up other human beings. Both are intolerant. Neither will budge from their viewpoint. Neither will listen to reason or debate. Both engage in racial bigotry. Both blindly follow because that’s what they’re told to do as opposed to using their minds to critically examine.

    Thankfully 90% of the world is somewhere around the middle. Whilst there are people like you stirring up hatred and mistrust, there will never be peace in society.

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    1. I didn’t care to read the majority of your antagonistic statement, but for the face photo, NO THAT IS NOT MATT DAMON. This photo was taken at the Trump Rally in Tucson, 2016. This man (and the woman behind him) were leaving out of the rally after Trump was finished.

      I will say that the fact that the dude looks like Matt Damon is hilarious as hell, which makes your super-serious and spiteful response more of a joke.

      Thank you.

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      1. I think the thing you fail to understand is that not everything is about you. This article does not point to you directly and say “Hey Paul! Way to condone repression and white radicalization/supremacy!” (at least until your response). This is about awareness, and maybe you could learn how you, as a white man, can use your innate privilege to stand up to racism. But you also made a point to say that your “feminist” “ex-friend” sent you here trying to open your eyes, and then you just kept them closed out of fear of someone telling you that you’re wrong, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

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      2. He actually brought up some good retorts to your article. It would be nice to hear you defend them instead of clowning.


      3. What is even more nice is the FACT that there’s hundreds of comments on here written by numerous people, already rebutting this.

        Second, if you think he has “good retorts”, then you really don’t want to listen to me. At all.

        Thanks for the passive-aggressive response however. Enjoy the site.

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    2. I’m white and I’m ashamed to be in the same racial group as these people. These white people are ‘radicalizing’ because they THINK that they’ve lost white privilege. But the fact that these people are being taken seriously, as though they have legitimate gripes (which they don’t), shows that white privilege still exists (which it shouldn’t).

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    3. Matt Damon aside, I’m afraid the response is true in many ways.. there are both black and white racists, and this article is demonstrating just that. The amount of times I’ve been stopped by the police, you’d think I was black based on this theory, but I’m not.

      Humanity has good and evil. I’m sick and tired of this crap. Be human, be fair and be kind. That’s the only thing that will determine how you are treated by a majority of people. The rest are just assholes regardless of color. I’ve been treated like crap by black, white, Asian and other people. Hell, I think we can all identify a time we were treated crap by family too… The common denominator was they were all assholes. And equally, I have the best friends in all skins and genders. Guess what THEIR common denominator is. They are all NOT assholes.

      So, as much as one may like to engage in this self-pity “lets all sit around a table and bitch about anything that is not us” and pretend that “we” “are not doing anything wrong” in actually encouraging this “radicalization” in every skin and every neighborhood and in any color but merely addressing a social issue, I think I’ll pass.

      Because humanity should actually look at why there is a “me” against “you” radicalization. This is where it starts from. Whites hate whites, blacks hate blacks, rainbows hate rainbows. Maybe we just all hate ourselves… and should start looking inside. Start waking up to the way we are manipulated into looking after the “me” and “your death, my survival”.

      So here is a wish for all reading this article.. BE KIND and FFS LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

      Love, flesh and bones


      1. I can understand this point of view but it does not conform to statistical information in America. It is not an accident that more black people are in American prisons, using their percentage of the overall population. There are definite economic factors at work but taking the percentage of low income white people in prison and the percentage of low income black people in prison, the percentage of black folks is much higher relative to their percentage in the American population. Affirmative action had improved this disparity a little as far as qualified black students being able to access University education. And please don’t say why should qualified African Americans have any preferential access, as it is not even “equal” access compared to qualified white people. Our outrage should be directed to the question of why do we not have enough college “spaces” for all qualified American students? I certainly do agree with conclusions that embrace a philosophy of “more kindness and love”, but there are real disparities in opportunity that are best addressed for America to live up to it’s professions of equality, in my opinion. Love back to you flesh and bones.


    4. You have no sense of perspective. You seem not to realize that for nonwhite people, simply being in the “street” at the wrong time could land them in jail without ever having “beat someone up” as you put it. If you, a white person, commit a crime in plain sight, you’ll be punished (sometimes, to some degree); congratulations. That’s not really what the assertion that whites are free from “suspicion when it comes to any form of social deviance” is about. It’s more about the impunity with which white perpetrators can kill people of color, which is even more disturbing when said white people are law enforcement and their victims are complying with all lawful procedures. It’s that when white people commit what are, by definition, hate crimes, they are not called terrorists or demonized as immoral monsters, but considered to have been led astray by mental illness. It’s that when white people commit drug-related crimes, they deserve leniency, but minor drug offenses by people of color deserve life sentences or deportations. It’s that when a Muslim commits a crime, all Muslims must answer for their religion’s supposedly inherent evil, but when half of the white electorate votes for a white supremacist, sexist, idiotic and insane demagogue, you get to shout, “not all white people! I’m not one of them!” This article isn’t lambasting you for being white, it’s pointing to the radicalization of white culture that is getting increasingly bigoted and insensitive as a whole.
      And what the hell do you mean no one in our lifetime is a slave? There’s millions of enslaved people right now, but even disregarding that, how can you believe that the history of our country has no effect whatsoever on its current climate? “You’re talking about something that happened centuries ago as if it is somehow proving something.” A) no, it did not happen centuries ago, learn to do math. The 14th Amendment was ratified less than 200 hundred years ago, and if you believe that severe discrimination didn’t and doesn’t continue to exist after that year, take a basic American history class, or ask a person who has experienced this discrimination first hand. B) How the hell does something that happened in the not-so-distant past bear no relevance to today? Do you understand how sequential events over a span of time work?
      Finally, saying that a minority “especially” deserves an opportunity to express themselves and be listened to is not advocating for us precious oppressors to become the oppressed. Sometimes, when a person has been systematically discriminated against for their entire lives, they have some opportunities to catch up on –– although if the prospect of losing your place on the pedestal of white privilege is that worrisome, you probably don’t want minorities and allies to spread all this “hate and mis-information” anyway.

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    5. This is so true. They’re throwing shade on white people or conservatives while behaving worse. It’s simple projection. They aren’t pointing a finger on radicalized whites, they’re looking at militant blacks in the dark. They’re their own bogey man. Disgusting. And pathetic.


  4. The woman in the photo is just Praying. She should be free to pray without ridicule and having her photo put online. Hopefully Trump can deliver some of what Martin Luther King wanted, as people marched on Washington in 1963… jobs.

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    1. Wow!! You are equating Trump with the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King? The March on Washington was for freedom and full voting rights for African Americans in particular, not just jobs. Those are the hard earned voting rights that black and white folks were murdered and that Trump and Republicans are trying to take away.
      The woman is praying to Trump which is her right. There is sadness for her more than ridicule.
      Back to MLK and Trump….really?? Seems like you and this praying woman attends the same church.

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  5. Plenty of allies amongst my friends and I that are and have been discussing these “two steps backwards” developments. Hell, likely more than that. We are also very concerned that the media is silent about the dangerous path this country has stepped on. Diversity is strength, unity is essential, you are not alone!

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  6. Talking about Asians bleaching their skin to look more white is Ironic really, because what do white people do. They go to Tanning rooms to make their skin look darker, I think no matter what colour you are there are good and bad people of all race’s. a lot of what is happening with these white people who are turning to violence is through fear, When we are show pictures of Isis cutting peoples heads of and bragging that they are going to rape and pregnate blonde haired blue eyed western women, what do you expect, I myself can see bothsides of this story, because I would dearly love for the likes of Tony Blair and george Bush brought before the Hauge war crimes court for all the deaths and slaughter they caused, To me what is needed is for Whites and coloured people to stand together and say enough of this and demand or campaign together to get these people that started all this hatered in court and behind Bars. Until that is done and families like the Rothchilds and thier eluminarte friends are brought to Book. this madness will continue,


    1. Asians dyeing their skin white is not simply to copy white people, partly it was viewed as doing less menial outdoor labour to be paler skinned. Just like whites dyeing their skin brown. A sign of leisurely ‘healthy’ pampered priveledge. Whites going to places like Bali and suntanning, is not just to look like the Balinese, although I’m sure they are envied as a result of the pampered mind set that takes tanning as sense of self affirming; it is to renavigate the ideal bourgeois.

      Having said that, I think it is natural to want to look like one’s friends, albeit the healthy aspects being beneficial.

      Human nature, if we get rid of the power mongers, others rise. No matter the ethnicity.

      People can choose friendship regardless. Thankfully.


  7. As a white person, I full heartily agree that this country is better off being inclusive, diverse and excepting of the inevitable change of our demographics. We are a richer country both financially and culturally because of it. I do not however revel in white supremacy. It disgusts me, it horrifies me, and it threatens all that I believe to great about our country. I will admit to being complacent, it’s been my white privilege but no more. If nothing else we can thank Trump for opening our eyes. I’m sorry it took so long but I’m here and not going away. Black Lives Matter.

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  8. If you look at America’s history it is hard to say white behaviour has changed very much; we just wrongly assumed racists were a dwindling minority. At present there is a backlash against civil rights and blacks and other ethnicities demanding equality. Trump and his pals are intent on reversing the social progress of the last half century so that old white men continue to rule.

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  9. I am white but I don’t want the world to be dominated by one race like it is now. The current events depress me and make me fear for the future. I have family of color. I have dated members of other races and yet I can see that I’m ‘priveledged’ even as a poor disabled white person. It is sad that members of other races feel like they have to change the way they look, act, or sound just to be more ‘white’…..they are so beautiful just the way they are. Other races have such wonderful cultural traditons and familes. So many ‘white’ families I know are lacking this. I know this will not happen in my lifetime but I hope people eventually look at each other and see a person…..just people….not a stereotype or cultural differences or color but just people who are entitled to same rights, priviledges, and even the basics of life like food, shelter, etc.


  10. Great article dude. If I, as a white man, am terrified by all this I can’t imagine what others are feeling. Either we are going to rise above this and fight hate or we are all going to write a scary, scary part in the history books. Hopefully progress and love will win out.

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  11. A very good topic to address – Having just been out of the country for five months exploring the world, I sense that much of the “radicalization” of whites comes from their own isolation. Americans live in a kind of solitary confinement – not connected truly to the community around us. We spend a lot of time alone, and psychologically, this is damaging. Humans are meant to live together for health and support. Living this way causes our brains to focus on ego, and therefore, self-preservation and protection. We don’t realize this is happening, but generations of us are facing depression, anger and the most notable “American” trait as seen from the outside – anxiety and a lack of confidence. Yes, you heard that right. We mask our lack of self-esteem in arrogance to hide all the uncertainty and insecurity created from living in a lonely world. A second thought about it is that we lack a cultural system of respect and humility that is expected by everyone sharing society. In America, everything and anything goes with little regard to its impact on the whole – that goes back to my original point that we are in essence, isolationists who probably shouldn’t be. Our brains are facing an unhealthy dilemma of seeing life as an anxious place – unlike the solitary comforts of our one-person bedrooms – and the belief that we can do what we want. Americans are enormously arrogant in our decision-making because independent living (nuclear small families) doesn’t allow us to understand the other and develop empathy.


  12. Thank you for your article.
    I am a white female. It’s interesting to me when I talk to people about racism because I often receive a reply of offence or disbelief that I would even admit I have ever had prejudice thoughts. To me it’s so clear and evident, even though we may not act upon it, all (and I mean all humans) are bent towards racism. It’s like denying you’ve ever picked your nose! We all desire to be the best, we all desire to be special, we will all look at the “other” and judge. It is awful and wrong. It is the sinful heart. I am never surprised when I see it in others and when I see it in myself because sin loves creeping itself into our lives. Unfortunately, it’s the reality of what we live.

    I’d like to say I’m sorry to you and all of the population that has been mistreated and abused because of the evil that is in our hearts- on behalf of all white people, but especially on behalf of myself. I have had to confess my list of things including prejudism to Jesus multiple times and be forgiven by Him. I think that is the key. We are all sinful and we will never see a lasting change unless someone who is outside of the bondage of sin can free us. Only One can transform the heart and I know my heart has been transformed by Him. It saddens me to hear people talk about Christians who are abusing and mistreating others. That’s not the way Jesus has called us to live. I pray regularly for the unifying and love between all nations and especially for the unifying between peoples in the US. I long to see TRUE LOVE pour over this country. The most popular prayer states it itself: “thy kingdom come thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”. We may live on this earth and it may be full of hatred, but I believe we can see a miraculous change if we ask for God’s kingdom to be here as it is in heaven. May this be true for our nation.


  13. I truly enjoyed this article and definitely support your question of radical white entitlement. Growing up in south Atlanta, I was fortunate to experience the gift of diversity. Because I am a white woman, other white people assume I share their “shadow” racism. Hidden behind a public facade. It is scary for me to imagine these backward thinkers poisoning the minds of others. If you don’t see color in the white mans world, your a “nigger lover”- I’ve been called such MANY times. Usually, I don’t respond to posts, but I want to reinforce your idea and support the message because this threat is real.

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  14. There seems to have been centuries of history where white christian men have felts more worthy and entitled than anyone else- including sometimes their own wives, and have acted accordingly. This was the initial “force” that built America and justified the annihilation of native Indians and the use and abuse of many Africans. Some nowadays civilized and educated people still cannot face the reality of the cruelty of their ancestors, nor of the resulting many forms of injustice; Therefore they can’t access the necessary humility to create a truly united nation (and this is only about the US). I like Sarah’s comment and analysis of the American society, because from where I live -France- it feels very much like it. I’m up for “brutally honest conversation”, in the right context… (I’m a white woman, in this lifetime by the way).

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  15. Very well written piece, and I very much agree with your points as a Jewish immigrant. I do think that you should mentioned Christian/Evangelical radicalization, which is a key part of this(after all the VP is Evangelical). These are the same people who claim Christian morals, but then get angry at immigrants for not being wasps(like many of these same people call Catholics a cult, and of course don’t accept Protestant poc). And some of white radicalization you mention starts out in Christian schools by getting to the young.

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    1. OMG YES, I could not agree with you more. Thank you for saying this because this is a serious problem in America. I never understood the finger-pointing between Christians and the evangelicals brain-washed belief that God favors America and all of their actions are therefore just.


  16. After vomiting my way through this “article”, I can confidently surmise that the author won’t be satisfied until the white race is completely eliminated or exterminated.


  17. Racism is racism, regardless of which race is doing the hating upon which other race. It is a true shame it exists to this day in ours, such a modernized and “civilized” world. It stems from ignorance and fear, and is ALWAYS wrong, be it whites hating Hispanics or blacks hating whites, etc. All races have suffered and triumphed in one way or the other; comparing the trials only deepens the rift. No one group is superior to another. To say so would shine a glaring light upon that person’s ignorance.
    In all reality there is only ONE race–the HUMAN race. Once we all accept this truth, only then can we begin to heal and mature.


    1. “All races have suffered and triumphed in one way or the other” —-REALLY???? Any white person who believes we have suffered equally to others needs to study history.

      “After vomiting my way through this “article”, I can confidently surmise that the author won’t be satisfied until the white race is completely eliminated or exterminated.” I guess you need to read it again, I don’t see that.

      “I am struggling to remember the last time I read so much hate and mis-information in a single article” —- There is no mis-information in this article, unless you listen to conservative “media”.

      Just these comments show we have a long way to go.

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  18. What a beautiful writer. My son just sent me this article and there are so many quotable points. It comes on the heels of listening to last week’s episode of This American Life, “The Beginning of Now.” They both provide a better answer for how we ended up with Trump. The common mantra is that the Democrats haven’t been “listening” to the disaffected white working class, which I don’t buy. My theory is that a mere 75 years post WW II the collective guilt of the West is waning, allowing an opening for Steve Bannon et al to resurrect historically effective white nationalism propaganda. So much for “Never Again.” Thank you for this very helpful piece.

    P.S. Dangerous nationalist radicals historically come in all colors however, It would be false to lump together together “Radical Islams” and “Radical Black” leaders.. Al Quada and Isis and those that are recruited into their cult all over the world should be equated with Naziism, not with “Radical Black” leaders. I’m not even comfortable with the term “Radical Black Leaders,” which is a hyperbolic white label.


  19. This is precisely why white people (like myself) need to make our dissent known. Its truly scary how many of my white friends and family believe that race is not an issue in modern America, despite the preponderance of evidence to the contrary.

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  20. it’s what the end of an empire looks like. There are plenty of precedents. Those who had been in positions, power, privilege by virtue of the underlying bias of empire are quickly seeing a world where all of that disappears.
    They’re going to have to treat others equally. It’s terrifying if you’ve never had to learn how to communicate respectfully to people and gotten away with it for generations.


  21. Your article is totally accurate. Trump has definitely courted racism since the start of his campaign. And there are two kinds of racists in my view: one’s that are proud to be racist and are angry they’ve ever had to hide it and there are those people that deny racism exists, not just in people or police, but even the systematic racism that still thrives from our country’s long history with racism since it’s inception. I’m a privileged white guy. Not rich but I know I’ve had way more opportunities than most. I try to ask myself if I’m being racist or sexist in ways I don’t realize every now and then. We all have stuff we have to unlearn! While racism is a key reason for Trump’s election another part is people’s gullibility. Some people don’t know how to think critically and believe everything on Fox News and everything Trump says. I’m confounded on how to reach them. They are so lost and so stubborn.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Racist voting the key reason for Trump’s election? Of the 700 counties that went twice for President Obama, a third of them flipped and went for Trump. On average these counties that flipped are 81% white. That suggests that a lot of white people who voted for President Obama twice later voted for Trump. Are these the racists?…/obama-trump-counties/

      Echoed here: “The more plausible argument is that Mr. Trump beat Mrs. Clinton by winning the support of more than eight million swing voters—in places like Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin—who previously had voted for President Obama. Mr. Coates ignores these voters in his essay, much as Mrs. Clinton ignored them on the campaign trail. That’s not analysis via Breitbart. It comes from, among other places, the number-crunchers at the New York Times . ”…/ta-nehisi-coates-and-the-politics…


  22. To call this article retarded is a great disservice to the mentally challenged, and to call the people who are buying into it’s message morons, is too over-state their level intelligence.


  23. I came upon your post by accident, although I do follow you. First, you should know that I am white. But when I saw the photo of the woman at the Trump rally I was sickened and saddened.

    You are totally right on target except for one point. Not all whites are going along or even accepting the white radicalization. This country is very divided now, but the divide is not really across color. It is more across those who think critically and those who blindly follow BS.

    You and I are on the same side because we both are thinkers. We do not accept, we think and investigate then determine our course. Diversity is the key to prosperity and happiness for us all. We need to work together to put down evil that masquerades as leadership in this country. You are totally right about what follows. I have said this for a year. Trump and his kind are pure evil, and they are no different than Hitler.

    If America is ever to have a chance to live up to its potential, then we whites must understand and accept the darkness of our past, and use that knowledge to move forward in unison with our black, brown, Asian, Islander brothers and sisters to truly make a country where we all have equal opportunity and equal access to education, jobs and health care.

    We are not all radical. Some of us are just like you. We are scared as hell of what this white radicalization can become as we have seen it before. And we are mad as hell that the America we thought that we were heading toward has been pulled, no yanked, away from us. And yes, I am an Obama lover.


  24. I think you are absolutely correct. You have beautifully put into words observations for which I had no words. I watch my fellow white women tanning themselves as dark as they can get, yet I read about skin whitening products. I look at anime characters, all Asian but with exaggerated round eyes. There’s nothing wrong with their eyes. Why this westernization? Anyway, I see the white radicalization. As a white person, I am disgusted by it.


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