In the month of October 2016, Donald Trump (Republican) has been on the presidential campaign trail suggesting that he would not accept the election results if he lost to Hillary Clinton (Democrat).  Let’s pause for a moment.

Sure there’s a serious problem with the notion that a presidential candidate simply, cannot take an L in regards to securing enough votes.  The very notion of a presidential candidate stoking the flames of “election rigging” (only if he loses) threatens the very fabric of a democracy.  This this problem becomes very frightening when you add the fact that Trump, regardless of how clumsy he sounds, has a charisma that Barry Goldwater could never have.  I myself have witnessed firsthand how Trump riles people up.  Just understand that there’s a large amount of people in America who are more than willing to do whatever he says.  These people don’t like to be fact checked or challenged.

One problem I have with the current state of the GOP is the fact that technically, Trump is not the first and only modern-day republican to not accept election results.  In fact, he’s far from being alone in that line of thinking.

The Republican Party has not accepted a presidential election result since 2004.  Think about this fact.  I’m serious — the GOP has not accepted a presidential election conclusion, since George Bush’s re-election.  That’s in 2004.  Trump didn’t invent this.


Trump supporter calls to eject the “black guy” at Trump Convention in Tucson, Arizona.

A lot of the commentary on Trump, especially the near-honest commentary from American conservatives, seem to speak as if Donald Trump came from out of nowhere.  As if everything was perfectly normal, business as usual, and out of nowhere a blatant racist, sexist, and overall bigot just fantastically wrestled power and authority away from career GOP politicians for applying something new.  No, there’s not a single thing Trump has done that was not incongruent with the brainwashing socialization process of our modern day American conservative.

For years, our conservative friends and frenemies have been operating in an echo chamber that first told them that anyone not conservative is a liberal, and should not be trusted.  Ever since 2008 we have witnessed the Republican Party and associated conservative commentators demonize President Obama which went, and still currently goes, well past common political hyperbole.  Ever since 2008, President Obama have suffered obstruction from republicans which is unprecedented.

So Trump is far from being the first guy who decided to not to accept an L for presidential elections.  The entirety of the Republican Party has never accepted President Obama (2008 elections), starting from when he was President-Elect.  The extremist logic of the Republican Party is so fierce, that Obama himself — a guy who duck and dodges hard topics like racism and white privilege — now regularly comments on it, much to the dismay of the more civil republicans, who dread the notion of Obama being the only sane voice in politics.  The Republican Party, through an elaborate lattice of vitriol, have never accepted the election results of 2008 or 2012.  So in the one instance Trump may not accept an L, there’s technically hundreds if not thousands who have not accepted two election results.

In the wake of Candidate Obama becoming President-Elect, the Republican Party conspired to plot Obama’s failure.  By telling their constituents that President Obama isn’t real (i.e., birther conspiracy) the Republicans done a job on a Democrat that has never been seen in American politics.  In addition to suggesting that the 44th President isn’t a real American, the GOP has become “The Party of No” which sought to prevent Obama from being a great president.  Currently when you place him among all 44 presidents, he’s good… but he could have been by far greater if the GOP acted like adults… and accepted the election results of 2008 and 2012.

John McCain, a hotheaded GOP moderate who makes weak attempts to cater to his extremist core,  suggested that the GOP block Hillary “Hot Sauce” Clinton in the same manner that they’ve done President Obama.  The selection of a Supreme Court Justice is a President’s duty which is codified by the United States Constitution.  To block a President’s selection out of spite is to attempt to deny the Constitution as a whole.  The Republican Party, in essence, might already be planning to deny and obstruct yet another Democratic President, despite the Constitutionality of Obama or Clinton choosing a Supreme Court Justice.  For those who don’t understand the damage here, understand the fact that the Supreme Court — the Judicial Branch of American Government —  which is stuck at a 4-4 split is essentially paralyzed when it comes to interpreting the tough part of American law.  Technically, the GOP threatens to nullify the whole Judicial branch of government if a Dem is elected… if they still have power over the Legislative branch, that is.

So overall, let’s not act like Trump is the first to ever reject a election conclusion, or deny the legitimacy of an election or a candidate.  Technically Donald Trump is acting in congruence of the GOP as a whole; denying presidents and rejecting election results are a fine art, crafted by republicans, which is in nearly a decade in the making.

Photography: Johnny Silvercloud

Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


  1. Hey Johhny,

    I love the points that you bring up Bro.

    Not only is he going to take an L, he is likely to get exiled from America.

    America may be many things, but we are resilient and do not like bullies.

    Especially ones with cardboard leadership and 3rd-grade penmanship and statesmanship.

    If it wasn’t real life, I wouldn’t believe it.

    When Bush stole the White house from Gore, directly from efforts from Jeb in Florida to do massive voter suppression, and we did not have a civil war, it showed me that the electoral college is truly dead and that America can withstand anything that is thrown at her.

    Point Blank: they racists do not like to be lead by a Black man, and they like it even less to be led by a woman.

    That is the crux of all of their tactics. That is also their weakness. Cockiness and ego.

    They, racists and haters, have been apart of every lost cause since the French/Indian War.

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  2. The ignorance that you display in your writing, while seemingly writing from both an educated and enlightened position, is concerning.

    To challenge an election is not a threat to democracy, it is a perfectly valid response to close elections. Democrats across the nation have challenged close elections, similar to Republicans, but for some reason, you only see it as a bad thing when the GOP challenges.

    Of course, your statement ignores a major piece to this puzzle; voter fraud. There have been multiple cases of fraud committed by individuals and groups associated with both parties, the majority of them by Democratic groups. Harrisonburg VA, multiple locations in California, and many more examples of voter fraud.

    So the question is not why would the GOP challenge an election loss. The question is why can’t this country fix a broken electoral process?

    I also believe the electoral college is outdated and wrong. Votes in Hawaii have not mattered since they joined the Union.


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