Dear White People: Martin Luther King isn’t your “Negro Jesus” who died for YOUR SINS of Institutional Racism.

Men of Color, Killed by Police

There was a man of color who lived some time ago, who was killed by the State Police later to be worshipped by the same people who unjustly murdered him in the first place.  While he trekked to his death, the public spat on him and threw stones at him.  The man who suffered such fate is known to us a Jesus.

This man known as Jesus was later worshipped as a God/Messenger by the very Romans who murdered him, but only after his death.  While being marked for worship, Jesus became more and more white as time progressed.  By the time of the American printing press in the 1900’s,  Jesus was practically known as a white person.  The essence of a White Jesus became so dominant, even Africans and West Asians (my term for the Middle-East) seem to automatically figure that Jesus was white.  Of course, many tend to reject them from there, proclaiming Christianity as a “European Religion” unfit for Afro-Asiatic consumption.

Now I could go on about the FACT that Jesus wasn’t white, but this isn’t really about Jesus, a man of color who was murdered by State police eons ago who became worshipped by the same murderers who killed him.  This column is about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., another man of color who was execrated and killed by the City-State.    A man who seems to be worshipped by the wrong tribe, the tribe who murdered him, just like Jesus. 

White People, allow me to be as clear as your mother’s wrinkled forearm — Martin Luther King didn’t die for your Original Sins of Institutional Racism.  At all.

No, I’m serious.

MLK didn’t die for your fucking sins.  In case you are wondering, I stand up and do a hip thrust each time I say “fucking” here, just for emphasis.  He didn’t die for your FUCKING sins.

Martin Luther King isn’t your Negro Jesus

Long story short: Taking a micro-fraction of one fucking speech from Martin Luther King out of context and attempting to silence black people — the principle people he was fighting for — in our continued struggle of reaffirming our humanity in a system of YOUR racism, a system of YOUR institutional oppression and suppression of black people and all other non-white peoples… is practically a big ass middle finger waved to all black people still struggling, still fighting, as well as a middle finger to Dr. Martin Luther King.  And I’m going to give you a middle finger right back.

White People have to enjoy killing us.  Really.

I’m not going to lie; there are a lot of parallels between Jesus and MLK in how they are typically spoken  of or referenced modern day, as well as the lives they lead and their untimely demise by the Eurocentric public.  Jesus, was a man of color killed by police, which is a ruthless and bitter truth that white people love to gloss over.  The reason being is that white people, or as I call the phenomenon, “Whiteness”,  has enjoyed murdering people of color with the police of the State for a very long time.  Yes I said it: ENJOYED.  Whiteness has enjoyed living vicariously through the various police officers of these United States who infinitely choose to react on trigger finger reflex to any black person, murdering them with impunity.  Whiteness enjoys this.  Prove to me otherwise.  White people, you ENJOY our suffering.  To hate us while we are among the living, only to pretend to love us when we are dead, is the very definition of profane.

White People’s Greatest Weapon: Erasure

While the whitewashing of Jesus has been eons in the making, the same can’t be said about Martin Luther King.  Being that his being black is a principle part of his life experience, thus, his essence, it’s probably difficult to truly whitewash him.  But whitewashing doesn’t have to be all about making someone white; it can be about merely removing his blackness, which is precisely what white people are trying to do, modern day.  And yes, this is disgusting.

There’s no need to make a counterfeit MLK white when it’s far more field expedient to pretend MLK didn’t know he was black — or pretend he wished he wasn’t black.

Martin Luther King  is the radical you sought murdered, white folks.  Yes, Martin Luther King is as radical as we are.  If you can’t deal with it, fuck you.  Remember that hip thrust.  Fuck you.

There’s no way any white person living, dead, or born in the future could ever best me with regard to the history and essence of understanding Dr. Martin Luther King.  As long as you continue to pretend that Dr. Martin Luther King gave only ONE SPEECH in his entire life and continue to use a mere phrase out of one speech out of context, you will never be better than me in regard to knowing, feeling and understanding Martin Luther King.  Ever.  Stop bullshitting us.  Martin Luther King did not die to cleanse your original sins of institutional racism.  With that being said, you can never silence me or those like me.  Martin Luther King didn’t die so we as black people can listen to  — and only listen to you, the oppressor tribe of these flawed United States, in regard to sociological situational awareness.  He didn’t die to erase (the knowledge and memory of) your Jim Crow 2.0.  Martin Luther King isn’t a device made for pacifying black people.

So stop the madness.