Are you sick of it? Sick of the way that when you speak against white supremacy, and the plight of our people, it’s automatically deflected with mentions of the dreaded “black on black crime” theory?

Are you also sick and tired of people completely ignoring the fact that there is a need to inject knowledge and positivity into black culture? As soon as you bring up black achievements in this country or abroad you are sure to be met with a swift deflection and redirection to where the narrative is in a negative light.

What about the issues our women face?

Our women were constantly stereotyped as bitter and vindictive psychopaths by the mainstream media long before the rise of “Sotomayor-ism” and black men in staunch opposition of their own women.

In many cases when black women are mistreated, they get an automatic deflection if they should ever dare to speak up. They get quickly labeled something other than oppressed, tired, revolutionary, or brave. Men talk about how many children a woman has as though no man was involved with the conception and she did it all on her own.

There has to be a connection in all these deflections. Some of these things such as crime, promiscuity, and children born out of wedlock DO indeed need their attention, Yet and still they should not be used as mere deflections.

I took a few psychology courses online. They didn’t teach me much, however I learned a few things. I learned about how memory and belief are closely connected. Memory and experience are even more closely connected. This is how mechanisms like white people largely not noticing white supremacy or white privilege work.

If you remember something a certain way, it doesn’t necessarily mean that’s exactly the truth, however it will still influence your beliefs and therefor, your behavior. So if you experienced a few things in your life that led you to believe a certain thing, you won’t really want those beliefs challenged normally. Your beliefs,experiences, understanding, and accumulated knowledge, make up parts of your mental makeup. Maybe, people deflect the struggles of others out of ignorance, or fear of losing the reality they cling to.

We watched a lot of television when I was coming up. Sitcoms even had laughter and other emotional responses playing in another track during every sequence. There are studies that show that humans will believe largely what is repeated to them. We already know how biased and blacked out the mainstream media is. A lot of what we believe, is actually just what we remember, not necessarily what was, what is, or any semblance of truth. Yet and still there has to be a time and a place for all of these issues people use to deflect the causes of oppressed people.

I believe there is truly a time and a place for everything.

For every issue from policing, to economics. That time to talk about those issues, is never in the middle of someone protesting their oppression so that you can use it as a deflection.

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