Colin Kaepernick, The Unfettered

As Colin Kaepernick remains unfettered in his protest of police murders and lack of police accountability, he has continued to stack mixed criticism.  When it comes to white America, the “criticism” he endures is ruthlessly predictable; white folks don’t like socially-aware black folks protesting.  The colonizer doesn’t like the colonized reaffirming their humanity in face of grand-scale anathematization, oppression and persecution.  We got it.  The problem comes from when members of the colonized community seeks to perpetuate the suppression of righteous thought.

Oppression in a First World Country

justice-kaep What does oppression or persecution looks like in a modern, first world country?  Black Americans allowed to attain national and international fame and wealth have been historically puppets and lackeys of white supremacy — this includes not just athletes, but also entertainers and politicians.  Through an elaborate system of sanctions, rewards, penalties, and persecutions, any black person who sought for black empowerment, reaffirmed our humanity, or otherwise refused to be a tool for the white power structure.  Any black person who done so was either cast into prison, killed, hunted, chased out of our nation, or thrown into obscurity by character assassination and isolated in his own land and among his own people.

This is often done by tanooki suit black people who usually don the moniker today as “black conservatives”, and they are the guard dogs of the white supremacist power structure.  Muhammad Ali for example, was the first Afro-American Champion who decided to not just be King inside the ring but King outside of the ring. Ali was young, black, gifted, and always told the truth — despite white supremacy’s frustrations.  Jackie Robinson was another famous black athlete who decided to be exercise total freedom of expression, literally doing the same thing as Colin Kaepernick is doing by the time of this publishing.

Tanooki Suit Athletes

It is immensely frustrating to witness people of the colonized, anathematized group collective to attempt to subtract or otherwise take down those who are seeking actual justice, true freedom for themselves and others.  Those who fight for justice and freedom are also doing it FOR those who continue to take the side of the oppressor, the side of the colonizer.  The problem for those who either unwittingly or intentionally become pets of white supremacy is the fact that no matter what, they will ALWAYS be deemed niggers thugs in the eye and minds of the white American collective.  The benefit of playing the pet of white supremacy is only a false sense of comfort, which can be snatched away at anytime.  White supremacy doesn’t provide the benefit of protection to black people.


Let’s take Tanooki Cam (Cam Newton) for example.  This is a man who in 2016 decided to suggest that racism is not a factor in America, despite the fact that he got his face and name sociologically spat on by way of racism, racist ideologies which doesn’t care if you are rich, famous, or successful.  The now Tanooki Newton was literally called a nigger thug for simply wearing team logo attire; a freaking winter cap with a fluff ball on the top.

So what does Cam Newton does in 2016?  Cam Newton went into a GQ interview and decided to pretend that racism has magically disappeared.  Yes, directly after all the racist hellfire he went through as a black quarterback.  Yes, after all the nigger-calling he suffered on the internet.  The science of psychology and sociology doesn’t matter.  History, doesn’t matter. Modern day, doesn’t matter.  Tomorrow, doesn’t matter.  Cam Newton calculated that his best bet is to make white people comfortable regardless of the pain and suffering that black and other nonwhites suffer in America.  Once again, white comfort > black lives.

By selecting to be the Floyd Patterson-style, “safe negro”, does Tanooki Cam win the protections of white supremacy?  Apparently not; for some strange reason the newly minted racism-denial Cameron suffered numerous skull-to-skull collisions in his game against the Denver Broncos.  By any objective standard, these people were trying to make him look like Apollo Creed in the middle of Rocky IV.  The sympathy for his cranial health doesn’t negate the critique of his soulless spokesmanship of racism-denial.  Cam Newton is a Afro-American male who is usually wearing a wave cap or making a hoodie out of a towel on his head.  There’s no such thing as removing the blackness from him so it’s absurd to see a man as such become a sociological coward.


Tanooki Lewis (Ray Lewis) as of late has feverishly sought to be a pet of white supremacy.  For some strange reason, Tanooki Ray thinks that kneeling/sitting during a national anthem means that there’s a disrespect towards military personnel.  It has already been stated why this logic is outright stupid.  Once again, I will say as a military vet that this bullshit excuse gets tiring.  This is similar to how people attempt to buttress their hatred of LGBT folks by citing the Bible and religion; some people want to believe that all military members feel disrespected by Kaepernick’s stance to make their own opinion more valid and justified.  On the contrary, there have been countless military members who have been in support of Kaepernick.  The civilian public doesn’t serve the military; the military serves the civilian public.

So Tanooki Ray says that Kaepernick needs to take the flag out of the protest.  I would call Tanooki Ray an idiot, but I do believe his white supremacy pandering, much like Cam Newton, is calculated and intentional.

The Tanooki (Tanuki) Suit

The “Tanooki Suit”. You get the idea.

The Tanooki suit is a thing that black people can wear when they wish to serve white supremacy.  Much like the observation earlier in regard to puppets and lackeys, those who wear the Tanooki suit can range from athletes and entertainers to law and policy makers.  Tanookis can range from the very old to the 13 year old pre-teen.

Fortunately, the Tanooki suit can come off.  The suit, can be burned even.  The question from there becomes when and how do those who find comfort in such stop playing the pet to white supremacy?  It is not a moot point that due to erasure in the education system, there are a plethora of black people (and other nonwhites) who really think the world happened yesterday, and everything as is is no circumstance of a collective history.

The only way I can think of that would fix this, is placed in education.  They say “ignorance is bliss”.  Ignorance may be bliss, but it isn’t freedom.  So no matter how ruthless, how gut-wrenching… The painful truth needs to be swallowed over the illusion of the perpetual lie.  Only when we become fully educated in what took place in America, and what’s taking place in America, can we find the space to hold Tanooki folks accountable.


Written by Johnny Silvercloud

The Soul Brother #1 of a Kind. Consequentialist street photographer abolitionist writer/speaker who stands for any oppressed peoples. I do it because every man and woman deserves freedom of thought -- especially black folks.


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